Blue Rabbit

This is the same story, told in four completely different perspectives. With each one you find more out about the mystery girl, left all alone at the train station.

Although I've described this story as 'green - suitable for everyone', some audiences may find this upsetting.


1. The First.


I looked down on her with love and longing in my eyes. Longing to sit with her in the long grass again, in the open fields that we once called home. Longing for this war to be over. Longing to feel life again. I longed and longed with all my heart. She was sitting in that position with her legs crossed and her head tilted lazily back, the way she did when she was laughing, but for a moment, I truly believed that she could see me. That she could look through the layer of cloud and heaven and see me, and perhaps even see my heart bursting with longing. I sighed. The trunk she was sitting on, I noticed it suddenly. It was made of cheap leather, and I should easily be able to see through the fabric, the few belongings that we had packed together. Should. I suddenly remember our last conversation, as we hurriedly stuffed clothes into a suitcase, with other necessaries. I remember the little tug on the hem of my dress as she looked up at me with wide eyes. 'If we pack so many clothes,' she said in a bare whisper, 'how will Blue Rabbit have a ride in the suitcase as well?' She was carrying her faded, blue, stuffed rabbit and looking up at me with a slight fear for her toy in her eyes. I almost cried. How could I save her when I couldn't even save my own heart from breaking? 'Here, sweetie. Why doesn't Blue Rabbit wait here and we can get him when we come back?' Her eyes saddened. We weren't coming back. I knew it, the villagers knew it. It seemed the whole world knew it. Did she?

    Now, it seems, she left all of her clothes, her rations, her soap and everything she needed in exchange for this little blue rabbit with sad eyes. For a moment, my vision blurred with tears but I hastily blinked them away. I needed to be strong, for both of us.

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