Goodbye, Grey

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  • Published: 27 Jan 2018
  • Updated: 8 Feb 2018
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Goodbye, Grey.

I'm finally free from being under your shadow for so long.

It's time to let you go.

I'm going to miss you even though I shouldn't.

I'm a girl. What can I say?

I hope you have a happy life.
Until next time...
A poem for A Valentine's Day Competition
I chose to do #1 as well.


11. Hello, Again

I wasn't really expecting to ever see you again,
but, uh, here we are.
Um... I hope everything is well.. with you.
I bet you can tell this is very awkward for me.
How have I been?
Oh, you know, I've been better, believe me.

You miss my laugh?
Oh... that's very nice. I miss yours too...
Well it was nice running into you after all
these years.
You wish to see me again soon?
Oh uh, okay!

Me too.



This is about a time when we stopped talking for so long and then he randomly called me and started talking to me for about a few days. Let me know what you think of this poem! Thanks for reading! xo


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