Goodbye, Grey

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  • Published: 27 Jan 2018
  • Updated: 8 Feb 2018
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Goodbye, Grey.

I'm finally free from being under your shadow for so long.

It's time to let you go.

I'm going to miss you even though I shouldn't.

I'm a girl. What can I say?

I hope you have a happy life.
Until next time...
A poem for A Valentine's Day Competition
I chose to do #1 as well.


1. Author's Note


This is another new story.

I made this story on Wattpad almost two years ago over a boy who I had a big crush on. And I'm one of those girls that if you like someone, you tend to not like them that much and move on. I'm still like that to this day, but when I started talking to this boy, I found out that I really liked him. 

He was a couple years older than me and we both played soccer so that's what kind of started us talking to each other. Actually, a friend of mine was the one who started getting us talking to each other because I had made a comment about how he was cute one day when I saw him in the halls and she told me his name and then sort of hooked us up.

We were close friends in the beginning and then it started to become more.

I called him 'Grey' (and yes, I know I spelled gray wrong, I did it on purpose) because he always wore something gray, whether it was gray joggers or a gray sweatshirt. 

So you'll start to see how I want to not think about him in a poetic way.

I hope you enjoy!


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