The New Boy

Being an average teenager and not being popular but falling for someone across the world couldn't be possible .."zayn don't leave me."all I could see was zayn walking away in the rain crying what did I just do I lost my best friend....


16. waking up with zayn


I had just woke up from another good night with zayn.

Wow zayn that was amazing

I knew you would love it princess."zayn said

Well yea you it was my first time right.?

No I didn't love and are you herring any?"zayn asked

"Well maybe-

I quickly ran to te bathroom and threw up.

This was bad,this is really bad I could be pregnant.

"Are you ok love?" Zayn asked

I think so---

Liam Harry louis Niall get in here.!!!

"Yes what's going on mate?"Liam asked

"Oh god timberlyn."louis said

"Timberlyn I'm do sorry."Harry said

"Babe I hope that your not what I think you are."zayn said

I started to cry could is really be preggers?

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