The New Boy

Being an average teenager and not being popular but falling for someone across the world couldn't be possible .."zayn don't leave me."all I could see was zayn walking away in the rain crying what did I just do I lost my best friend....


7. Starbucks (zayn??)

So hey guys what do u think of the story so far?so the way this chapter works is with Zayn's and then timberlyn ok so thanks and let's begin .


Zayn Malik-Pov-today was a ruff day just trying to get recording over with.the worse part of the day was louis he wouldn't spot annoying Harry and it made him mess up.i was glad it was over.

"Hey mate do you maybe want to go somewhere ? " Niall said

What do u have in mind.??

"Maybe go to Starbucks?"

That would be good.

Hey lads do u want to go to Starbucks ?

"Sure zayn."Liam said

"Yes let's go."louis said.

"Yea Starbucks !!"


Timberlyn pov -it was about 12:30pm when I arrived at Starbucks .i was waiting all week for zayn to call me but he didn' to get him off my mine I order a hot chocolate.

I would like a medium hot chocolate please.

"Ok that all miss?"

No I would like 2 chocolate cookies please and that will be all.

"Ok I'll have it out in a minute that will be £12.50 please."

Ok £12.50 even..

Thank you and have a good day miss !!"

I grabbed my hot chocolate and cookies and walked over to a empty booth.i found an empty seat by the window.i pulled out my phone to see if I had any messages...I had two from melody one from Jase and six from Kaitlyne.

(Melody-so did you speak to zayn any)???

(Melody-hey babe when u have a chance text me back.)


(Kaitlyne-Jase is flipping out that your not here!!he thinks I am going to kill him.Maybe I would but I am going to be a nice fried and not do that because I know u like him!!!)

(Kaitlyne-please come home I don't think I'll love if Jase is here!!!)

(Kaitlyne-CALL ME WOMAN!!!)

(Kaitlyne-I swear if u don't answer me this instense I will kill Jase !!!)

(Kaitlyne -I really do mean it Jase will be dead by the time u are home if u don't answer me!!)

(Kaitlyne-ok fine have it your way but I did warn u that if u didn't answer me Jase be dead.if u do find Jase dead I told u so!!so love u and bye!!)

I was just laughing at Jase and Kaitlyne texts they were so funny.i don't get how they dot get along? It makes no since...

When I looked up I saw five hot boys at the cash register.


(What do u want Louis it's not that hard to choose.?)

"Yes it is Liam their are millions of things I want to try."

(Well,pick some loubear)

"Ok hazza I will I want a chocolate muffin please."

(Finally he picked something!)

"Your so judgemental niall."

(Well I am hungers so come on mate.)

I was laughing at these five boys they couldn't make up their mind.but somehow their names sound like I heard their names before. That's it zayn it had to be zayn and his band mates so I got up and walked over to the boys and tapped one of them on the shoulders.

"Yes,may I help u?"

Yes you could.

"What so u need me to help u with love?"

Are friends with zayn malik?

"Yes I am his band mate Harry styles."

Well I am timberlyn bye the way and I go to school with zayn.

(who's your new friend hazza?)

"Timberlyn this is Louis,Niall,Liam,and zayn.

(Hi-I am Louis)

"Hi I'm Niall"

(Liam love)


"Timberlyn hi what's new with u?"

Oh nothing would like to come and sit with me your fiends can come and sit with us.


So zayn not to be rude I didn't get a text from u

"Sorry love I was busy with recording and working on our second album."

It's ok!

I am glad u were here we should sometime hang out again soon..

"Yea love that would be great maybe next Tuesday ?,"

That would be good bye the way nice seeing u again .

"U to love"

Bye zayn

I hugged him and left Starbucks with a smile on my face I was going to hang out with zayn yay!!

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