The New Boy

Being an average teenager and not being popular but falling for someone across the world couldn't be possible .."zayn don't leave me."all I could see was zayn walking away in the rain crying what did I just do I lost my best friend....


11. sleepy zayn/pancake

Timberlyn POV -waking up to what I thought was my to me was a boy with a quiff and was shirtless.nan that boy couldn't get and hotter.he just looked so peaceful.but I was wondering how did I get here??after that day with zayn I must of fell asleep and zayn took me back to his place.i got up out of the bed and was quiet at the same time so u didn't wake zayn.

I grabbed my phone to see if anyone called or text me on the last 24 hours I saw a had a message from Jase.

(Jase Clark-you where suppose to be back by 10:30pm and you're not here !! Please help if zayn killed u I will die ad then haunt him for the rest of my life..)

I decide to text him back telling him I was ok.

(Timberlyn-Jase I'm fine I must of fell asleep and zayn took me back to his place.I'm not dead and would you really haunt zayn if he killed me creepy??)

I looked at zayn he was still sound asleep so I got up from bed and see where everything was at.after 10 looking for the kitchen I found it when I walked in I saw Harry shirtless cooking what is up with these boys not wearing only my first time seeing Harry shirtless but still he was hot.ok I need to stop think how Harry looks back to the real life.

"hello love how was your night with zayn?"

It was good Harry,also the pancakes smell great..


Wait why are u fixing so many pancakes for??

"Have you seen niall eat woman??"

No why?


"Because I like to eat and I have to grow that's why."Niall said

You make no since Niall.

"Thanks love I never do."Niall said

"Hey timberlyn do u want to help me set the table ?"

Sure Harry..

"Ok grabbed the plates,Niall grab the the drinks and forks please."

"Ok Harry."Niall said.

Sure thing Harry.

Bye the way where the dinning room in this house ??

"Follow me timberlyn."Niall said

Sure Niall

When I grabbed the plates I followed Niall into the dinning room.Man zayn house was nice.the dinning room had a chandler with all the pictures of him and the rest of the lads.

Where should I put everything?

"Here."Niall said

I put out six plates and Niall put out the drinks and forks and Harry came out with 2 whole plates of pancakes..

Wow Harry that's a lot.

"Your telling me.if we would left niall alone he could eat all of this."

That's freaky.

"Your telling me."Liam said

Oh hi Liam long time no see?

"Funny timberlyn."Liam said.

"Everyone find a seat an sit..!"Harry said.

Everyone had a seat,Louis sat beside Harry.liam was across from Louis and Niall wAs on Liam left and their on was on seat opened.i didn't want to take it bit zayn wasn't here so I sat anyways.

Hey Harry can u pass me a pancake?

"Sure love here."

When I was about to grab it a hand took it.

(Niall give me back my pancake!)

"I didn't take it love I only have 3 not 4."

Then who took it.??

"Looking for this."

A deep voice behind me was laughing because I thought it was Niall that took it but it wasn't.

Zayn seriously?

"What whatsoever u expect your the one in my seat and someone left me alone in bed."

But u had to take my pancake?

"Yes do u have a problem with it?"

Yes I do.the reason is I have to roommate that act like Niall and Louis all the time and they never get along but everyone in a whole they do.they drive me crazy all the time.they also take my food when I am not I had it Thai on day when Jase was trying to take my bacon I slapped him on the face and it left a dot touch my food or the next time u will get slapped got it?

"Ok love whatever you say."

God what am I going to do with this boy I think I am falling for him now and hard.....

"What u looking at love?"

U that's what!

"Your cute love."

Thanks zayn can u maybe take me back to my place to get some clothes?

"Sure love.."

Thanks zayn

"We're going to head out ok lads?"

I couldn't wait for zayn to take me home.

I started to give the lads hugs

I'm going to miss u Harry by the way your pancakes were amazing.

"Thanks love."Harry said

Bye nailler I love u and we should hang out sometime.

"Sure timberlyn and I like the nickname so I am going to keep it."Niall said

Bye Liam nice seeing u again make sure the lads don't get in trouble.

"I'll try love."Liam. Said

Bye Lou take care.

"Bye timberlyn come back and see me again."

I'll do my best.

"Should we leave love.?"

Yea it's 12:15 now..

I followed zayn to the car and we got into his mustang and went to my house.......

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