The New Boy

Being an average teenager and not being popular but falling for someone across the world couldn't be possible .."zayn don't leave me."all I could see was zayn walking away in the rain crying what did I just do I lost my best friend....


22. preparing


I only two weeks left until Georgia Rose was usual zayn was freaking out.

"Ok let's see diapers,bottles,blankets,baby clothes,wipes."zayn said

Aww look who's becoming an daddy.

"Thanks babe I just want everything to be perfect."zayn said

I know and it is going to be.

I just hope she has my eyes and you hair.

"Yea that would be cute."zayn said



I looked at my beautiful princess and thought how lucky I was.i was having a baby with her and even getting married to her.i never want to let her go she was something special.

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