The New Boy

Being an average teenager and not being popular but falling for someone across the world couldn't be possible .."zayn don't leave me."all I could see was zayn walking away in the rain crying what did I just do I lost my best friend....


2. English-zayn malik

Timberlyn POV -

I was just sitting their listening to the teacher tells us about our assignment and their was a knock at the door and when the door opened a tall hot boy with a quiff was standing at the door.

Wow that boy was hot.melody was right he was a lot hotter than Jonah Hanson.he had on a black t shirt with a blue leather jacket.i never seen a boy like him.he had a tattoo that said zap on it but he had many others probably?

The teacher asked him "boy don't just stand their tell us your name.

(Zayn malik) "


So for a short chapter everyone I'll try to make more but right now my mom just got hurt and had a cast on her leg I feel so bad.also did u her the news Liam said the one direction is coming back on some month on the 30th.i literally screamed when I heard that !!wouldnt you also if u didn't check out my book falling for you u should it is really good.

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