The New Boy

Being an average teenager and not being popular but falling for someone across the world couldn't be possible .."zayn don't leave me."all I could see was zayn walking away in the rain crying what did I just do I lost my best friend....


20. at home


I woke up with a smell of Zayn's body spray and that I knew that zayn was right next

Zayn what are you doing here

"Seeing you my princess ."zayn said

" babe I am sorry for everything I did but Liam Kissed me.i would never cheat on you I love you to much.

Shh I know I love you too.babe.

And Harry told me that were having a girl and that you asked Harry to be the god father.i think you made a good choice."zayn said

"Thanks babe."

I got a sweet kiss from zayn

"I love the name I think Georgia rose Lynn Malik."is a great name.

I think so to

"So are you coming home.?"zayn asked

I don't know babe...

Zayn was shocked by he looked and smile and picked up his phone from the side table and walked out the door.

He was wear his black leather jacket and had on a black t-shirt on.with his red convers.

After zayn walked out the door I got a text from my phone when I looked at it is was from zayn.

Zayn(if you don't believe me let me show you how much I love you.if you want to come I am waiting in my mustang for you.)

Timberlyn(let me get ready and I'll be out their babe.)

Zayn(ok princess I'll see u soon.)

I quickly got ready and grabbed my phone and wallet.

"Mom I am going out with zayn see you later."

"See you sweetie have fun."

Thanks mom

I ran out the door and zayn was holding my door

"For the lovely lady."zayn said

Aww that's zayn

"Your welcome baby."


And your welcome Georgia rose"zayn said

He had put his hand on my baby bump and I felt a kick.

"Zayn she kicked!"

"I know I felt it."zayn said

"She must like you."

"I think so."zayn said

You should sing to her.

"Sure love."zayn said

How about one thing


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