Touch and Go

Eva is traveling to Sydney, Australia to begin her internship in a new start- up business. It allows her to get involved with the things that matter to her, she cares about the world and the current events shaping the world. But soon after her arrival - things does not go as planned.


1. Touch and Go

Touch and Go

Ed Sheeran


It is the end of the summer and my summer holidays were soon to be over. What a tragedy it was and especially this summer because I did not find my true love this time either. It is not like I am desperately searching for it – or maybe I try a little too hard sometimes. I am a successful student at Copenhagen Business School in Denmark. I have just finished my second semester in my Master programme, and soon on to my next adventure. I have been offered an internship in Sydney and will fly out to Australia in just three days. I guess career wise I know my path already, relationships and love are totally different matters. Enough about me, for now I just want to enjoy my Sunday here at this market in Spain. It was pretty much all the same things. Fruit and veggies, pomelos and grapes, clothes and watches, potteries and plants. I strolled through all the stands and chatted to the locals whilst getting a sunburn. Then I spotted her. She glanced back at me and all of a sudden, I felt uncomfortable. I tried to avoid her glance whilst paying attention to the next stand, but failed very badly. She waved me over to the stand where it said tarot reading by Ana Emilia.

I nervously sat down and she flipped a card one after one. I have never believed in these mysterious things nor faith. Suddenly she took my hand and studied the palm of my hand. “muy interesante”. I was getting impatient and asked her what she did see. “qué ves?” after a long pause she finally spoke. “My child, I hear seagulls scream, and the sound of waves. You are going to be known by many people and make a difference.” – Well that is lovely, I interrupted and tried to free my hand of her grip. “No, there is more. You are going to touch someone and then go or leave them.” I laughed so hard, how easy is it to be psychic. In fact, I think I casually may bump into one or two when leaving this market. “When this happens and you avoid the big board then you may have found the one” I was beginning to believe that this woman Ana Emilia was not, well she was not mentally stable. This was obviously pure nonsenses. 






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