He’s More Than Just Cute

Mature Content.
Found a new friend at school. He’s never had a boyfriend before and maybe this will turn into more than just a friendship.
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2. Part 2 – "His Room in the Mansion"

 As you may have read in the last part of this story, Cody is a nice young guy around my same age but, he never had anyone before. In this part in I find that maybe he’s hooked on me! When it does come to me… I do my best just to have friends NOT lovers! Yes, I did fall in love once but, then him and his parents moved away and fuck it was hard to deal with.

 The Monday after we had worked on Cody’s dads boat, (In part 1) I met up with him again (as usual) after school. Cody just went on and on about how pleased his Mom and Dad where. How they maybe want to pay me for it, I just laughed and said; “I said it’s a million dollars”. We both laugh and then he asked me if I could maybe stop over after work tonight. “You know Jon, at least let them thank you”. I just agreed and we walked on.

 That evening after work, I got cleaned up and headed out. I arrived at his place and rang the doorbell. Cody opened the door and there he stood, with both his parents behind him. His father shook my hand and thanked me as Cody then introduced me to his mother. They were both really nice. We all talked some as they started to put on their coats. His mother then said; “Well you guys, you have a good evening, we must be off to work. Get something to eat if you want and have a good time”. His dad again shook my hand, gave me a wad of dollars and they were gone.

 Only a second after the front door closed, Cody slowly turned the lock, looked me in the eyes and with a big smile, started to kiss me. Between one of those deep kisses he asked, in a whisper; “You want something to eat Jon, or just head up to my room?” With me thinking… Boy this guy turns me on! So, I said; “Maybe something to eat first.” Me now with a half a hard-on, we headed into the kitchen. In their big kitchen, we had a soda and a few snacks. Cody just mainly just sat there and watched me eat, then when I was done, he grabbed my hand and led me upstairs.  

 As we walked into his room, I see then it’s as big as my living room at home. I do admit, the first thing I looked at was his nice queen-sized bed he had. He also had a desk in there, TV on the wall, other big chairs and his own bathroom. Cody then sat me down on the foot of his bed and said; “Sure this is alright Jon, I’m not too fast for you, am I?” I just said with a smile; “After that long kiss man, I’m probably as horny as you are!”

 He knelt down by my feet and started to undo my belt buckle, as I pulled off my shirt and then his. With him kneeling between my legs, he got my pants half way down and my half-hard cock jumped out at him. I could sure tell how horny he really was, by just how fast he started in licking and sucking my cock! “Come up here man.” I said as I pulled him up to me and we had another long kiss. As we kissed, I undid his pants and let them drop to the floor. I then laid back on to his bed and he came with me with us still kissing.

 As we kissed and him lying on me, with my arms around him, I felt him kicking off his pants and getting mine off too with his feet. “Please let me suck you off, Jon” He said, as he slid back down to my cock. I just laid there then, just running my fingers through his sexy blond hair, as he tried many different ways of sucking and licking of my cock. With me now just staring at the top of that boy head and that blond awesome hair of his, dark blond down by the roots and almost white on the ends. I sure was ready! 

 “I’m going to lose it soon, only take in what you can now” I said, me remembering he’s kind of new at this. He then pretty much took my hole cock down his throat and I then lost it! He then gagged some but then drank down almost every drop of my cum! He finished me off and ended up looking up and smiling at me. While he’s there licking the tip of my cock, I wish had a picture of that blond boy’s face, cum on his lips, him holding my hard cock next to his mouth and that big smile of his!

 Still with that nice smile, he stood up. His super hard, nice sized cock was sticking out right at me. You could have maybe even hug a big heavy coat on it! I then stood up, smiling at him, I grabbed his shoulders, spun him around and had him lay on the bed.  I then got on my knees and started on that nice long, white/pink cock of his. “Oh, Jon. That does’ feel good!” He said as I worked at it. He then just started to breath hard and soon lost it in my mouth. I sucked it harder then and boy, he tasted good too! I drank down his sweet cum, every drop. 😋

 I then climbed up next to him and laid there, we just looked at one another. I then could feel his still hard cock dripping on me. After a few minutes of just staring and smiling at each other, Cody quietly said; “Jon… Can you maybe fuck me up the ass later? I mean… you know, just show me how?” I then explained to this “new boy” how we’ll need some lube or at least some spit, to let it go in smoothly. Then told him of my first time, how it hurt some but I loved it! We talked some more and soon fell asleep in each other’s arms.

 Later I did wake up around 1:00 am or so, with Cody licking my cock and smiling at me. The lights where off and just moonlight was pouring in the window. “Show me how now Jon?” I smiled, laughed and said; “OK… you’re a horny boy like me, let’s do it.” I then put Cody on his back, with his head up on the pillow. I then moved down to his ass and put his feet up on my shoulders. Cody handed me a bottle of something and I spread some on my cock and a little on his hole. “Are you sure man?” I said. “Do me Jon” He said back.

 I then very slowly started to insert my rock-hard pecker into this boys’ virgin ass. I then remind him it may hurt a little at first. “Go for it man, I can take it!” With me now on my knees, his feet up on my shoulders and my hands on both sides of him, I slowly pushed it in. I looked down at his face, I saw that great smile of his but, now was changed to the grinding of his teeth. I then said; “She’s all the way in, are you OK?” “Feels good Jon! Can you now pump it?” He said so, I then slowly started to fuck him slowly and gently.

 He then started to jack himself off as well, with his now half-hard cock. I started to fuck him a little faster and bent over to kiss him now and then. “Holy-shit Jon, I love this!” Me just looking at that guys cute face, his sexy blond hair all over his pillow, made me feel so hot & horny. I knew I was going to soon lose it in him. The best part was… almost at the same time, with him jacking himself off faster and faster. He lost his on to his chest, while I lost mine in him. It was truly one of my best times I’ve ever had! Wow. 😊

 I then lick up some of his puddles of cum on his chest and kiss him, my lips still wet with the cum. We laid there then awhile talking about it all. Him wanting me to promise that we’d get together again soon. Me telling him how I should really head out soon, before his parents got home. Me talking about leaving but, I still just laid there looking at that boy cute face. I did think some though… That Cody… I’m afraid he sort-of has a thing for me. The way he talks and looks at me. He maybe seems to think he’s “in love with me?”

 It was getting late (or early) so I got up and got dressed. Cody just laying there watching me, him still totally nude. Some of his longer blond hair hanging in his face, he then said; “You’re not seeing anyone else now are you Jon?” I thought about it and said; “Well not now but, guys do stop in by my place now and then.” It was maybe the best thing I could think of to say. “I better go man” I said and started down that big staircase. When I got to the bottom I looked up and saw that Cody. Him just standing there still totally nude, him leaning on the railing, his nice half-hard cock poking through the railing. “I’ll call ya Jon!” He said.

 On the way home, I did think a lot. (one of my problems) He’s so nice to me, so fucking good looking and even his parents like me. I, of course, also do really like him too. Should I get hooked to just him? Mm. 😐

End of Part 2    

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