He’s More Than Just Cute

Mature Content.
Found a new friend at school. He’s never had a boyfriend before and maybe this will turn into more than just a friendship.
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1. Part 1 - "Work on a Friends Yacht?"

 A guy I’ve met at school (Cody) “texted” me one Friday, it just said something about fixing his dads boat. I was just finishing up at work that day, so I thought I’d just give him a call at my quitting time. Cody is a super nice guy, us both being around twenty and I often have lunch with him at the end of our half-days of school. Then he’ll often walk with me from school to my part-time job sometimes. He’s fun to talk to and he’s really fun just to look at! He’s tall and skinny, with long blond hair and a face to die for! I’d often thought of asking about his girlfriend/boyfriend situation but, never got enough balls to ask.

 Cody also is fun with jokes and stuff like that, I’ll say some smart-ass thing and he always has a good come-back. He did ask me once if I had a girlfriend and I just gave my standard answer, that girls don’t go for me. I then again thought about asking what does about girlfriend/boyfriend’s but didn’t.

 After work that day, I finely gave him a call back and he asked if I could help with his dad’s boat the upcoming weekend. “He hates calling in his mechanic Jon, he’s really expensive.” He told me. I then just said; “I can take a look at it Cody, remember I’m not some great mechanic”. He then gave me his address and said; “Thanks Jon, see you Saturday”! That night I just thought about what tools I should take along but mostly, I thought about Cody! That boy is so hot looking, it was hard not to think about him.

 That Saturday I show up at his house and what a house! Huge, with a big five-car garage, big lawn in front and big old trees around it. Cody came out the front door and at the same time his father came out one of the garages, Cody padded me on the back as his father shock my hand. His father said; “Jon, I hear your mechanically-inclined and Cody said you two could maybe go take a look at that boat of ours”. I then just said; “I can take a look if you want, I’m not an expert”. “Thanks Jon, just take look. I got to go, you boys put some fuel in her before you go out”! He said, as he headed back in the garage.

 “Come on Jon, I’ll show you how to get there” We jumped in my pick-up and headed out. Cody showed me the way and when we got there I just said; “Holy-shit… It was not a boat… It was a yacht!” We got on board and Cody showed me around, it had a main deck with couch, chairs and nice small kitchen, a lower deck with beds and the upper deck where you steer and/or navigate it. The upper deck had a roof over the half where you steer and the rest was open.

 Then we headed down below and he showed me the small engine area. We looked it over some, then other then it smelling a little like fuel, it all looked good. After that Cody said; “Lets give it a try Jon”. He got her started, we untied her and we then headed out toward Lake Michigan. I was most of this time kind of speechless, me taking a yacht out for a ride and a sexy looking guy driving it.

 It was fantastic, Cody & I standing on the upper deck, we slowly started cruising out of the harbor area and then he punches it!  I held on as we flew along a way, but then it started to spit and sputter some. “See Jon, that’s what it does, now watch… it’ll get better, then do it again.” Then I asked; “How much gas is in her” Cody looked and said; “Just under a ¼ tank but Jon, it’ll even do it with a full tank!” I then looked in the hot engine compartment again and found a small leak in the fuel line.

 I then just taped it up some and called up to Cody; “We just got buy a new fuel line for it.” I then came out of the small engine compartment all sweaty and see Cody down to just his shorts. That boy was well built too, nice pec’s, abs to-kill-for and thin-muscular legs. Me being all sweaty, I striped down to my shorts too. We then tested it some and found it was working fine for now. So, we took it out for a long buzz out on the lake. The lake luckily was quiet that day. (as most of you may know Lake Michigan can be like an ocean sometimes or maybe worse)

 We then stopped awhile and just drifted. Cody said his mom sent some lunch along, so we started on that. We sat and bull-shitted awhile about the boat, his house and how much it all costs. Cody then told me his mom and dad have good paying jobs but, they work all the time. Then told me how he’s only had a few friends, but they find out that he’s kind of odd and there gone. Then other ones just want to borrow money. I then sat quietly and wondered about what he meant “being odd”. I drank some soda and said: “You know this repair will cost you a million dollars!” We laughed and he said: “Jon you’re an ass-hole!” We laughed some more and finished up lunch.

 We laid their a while in the sun on the upper deck, on the nice cushioned seats, a nice breeze blowing and then he asked me “Jon, did you ever have anybody? You are pretty good looking but, I never hear you talk about anyone.” I just said; “I’ll tell you the truth Cody, I kind-of get along with guys, I’ve known a few boys like that, if you know what I mean and I’ve always gotten along with them. Is that what you asking?” Worried about what I just said, I then swallowed sort of hard but, then he said; “Jon, I was kind of hoping you tell me that. I’m the same way but, never had anyone or even told anyone. I’ve always been afraid to talk to anyone, about the way I am.”

 Now… I got this virgin boy, way out on Lake Michigan, around my same age and he’s super good looking. Maybe I should see if he’s after what I think he’s after! 😉 I then just simply said; “Do you want try it some Cody? We can take our time and only do it, if you really want too.” He then said; “Really Jon, you don’t mind, I don’t know shit about it all!” I sort of giggle and said; “No big deal, let’s try it”

 I get down on my knees and moved over to his side of the deck, he then sat up and I slowly undo his shorts. “Remember now stop me, if you want me to stop.” I said, but he says nothing, he just licks his lips and smiled at me. I slowly undid the strings and Velcro on his swimsuit. As I then slowly grabbed the two side of his suit and before pulling it down, I could tell this boy was already half hard. “Sure you want to do me first Jon?” He asked. “Looks like your hard already mister! We’ll do you first.” I said as I finished pulling down his trunks. His super smooth hard cock jumps out and slaps against his tight tummy. The kind of tummy, just below his abs, that’s so tight you can see the veins pumping the blood.

 I then just put my mouth on just the tip of his long cock and swirled my tongue around, when he yells out… “Jon, I’m already ready, well, you know what I mean. Fuck Jon!!” I then took all of him in me and then pulled him back out. Did this once or twice. Then started to lick the outside of that nice cock of his, I licked the veins of that hard cock and then went down to his balls. They had just a little bit of pubic hair on them, I licked them for a moment and yells out again. “Jon, here it…!” He then lost it, his cum got on my forehead, eyes and nose. I quickly moved back to his tip and sucked him hard and deep, sucking the rest of his cum down. I then used his cock as a “spoon” to clean the cum off my face and shovel it in my mouth.

 “Jon that was awesome! Sorry I lost it so quick man.” He said. As I use his suit to clean the cum out of my eyes. “No big deal Cody, just shows how horny you are!” We laughed some and then I said; “Do you think you could now still do me?” He just yells out; “I can’t wait!”

 I laid down on back on the deck floor and pulled my shorts down to my knees. Cody knelt down over my legs and pulled my shorts the rest of the way down. He just kept giggling as he moved up, he held my cock’s base and started to lick it like a Popsicle. With his half hard cock and balls rubbing against my feet, I was almost ready myself. He then licked the little pre-cum off my tip and started to take the hole thing in him. He gagged some and pulled it back out, took it back in and gagged again. I just said; “Just take your time and take in only what you can. I just want you to enjoy doing it man.” I couldn’t help but notice the smile he had while doing his best to get me sucked off.

 I then put my hands in his blond hair and helped him take me in and out of his mouth. Just feeling his sexy hair got me hotter. “I’m going to lose it man! Take it in, only if want too!” He then took even more of me in him and I lost it. He continued to suck me a few more seconds, then sat up, smiled at me, opened his mouth and showed me all my cum still sitting on his tongue. “I’ll show you something, come here.” I pulled him over and kissed him. Pushed my tongue in his mouth, pulled it back out and said; “Now we can both taste it” He giggle some, we then kissed awhile longer and both ended up laying on our backs on the boats decking, breathing hard and watching the clouds roll by.        

 We had just enough fuel to get back to the harbor area. We filled the tank, went and got a new fuel hose and replaced it. On our way back to his house, he calls his father and told him what we found and did. (Well, not everything) 😉 His father seemed to like me from that point on. I think Cody maybe now likes me “to much” we will see.

 Next Part - Cody’s parents work nights sometimes, he wants me to see his room in “that mansion”.

 End of Part 1    

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