Vikings - Northernlights

this fanfiction isnt meant to be a 100% realistic-
then again most fanfics arent lol.
anyways my Vikings obsession is crazy at the moment, and ive been working on the plot and the charachters for the story. these OC's are mine. thank you. the idea to this actually came from Pocahontas and brother bear.
the story is based off IF Björn and Hvitserk travels to take France instead of Kattegat.

Thora is a farmer in France. she has a simple family with a mother and a father, being the only child in the household. her good friend Gida, is a great archor. though she isnt anything like a warrior, French men didnt find it attractive that girls fought. they were suppose to be able to cook, sew, bake and take care of a family for their future.

"suddenly the alarm goes off, its like a red alert. men are shouting warriors are rushing outside, they were here. they were going to take their land.
Thora rushes inside with Gyda, her family not in sight. they had probably been running into another h


1. Home sweet home

Thora picked up the basket of potatoes. the ground was soft and a little muddy.  yet her feet missed the feeling of a ground slightly puffing down underneath her foot. She had put the basket down beside her as she bend down sitting on her knees to pull them off of the ground. they looked so fresh, surely they'd earn a lot from these this year. 

Thora looked up as she saw some guards walk by to get inside the gate of the huge fort. thinking theyd close the gates soon she got up and took a hold of the basket before walking forward reaching the gate to get inside she nodded at one of the guards before he opened the gate for her. the ground that was outside of the fort was much healthier and very rich. it seemed perfct fortheir crops to grown on. it was only lucky that their father was a good friend of King Rollo so that he'd allow them to further on plant there. 

People seemed genuinely happy today, the marked was full of people trading and talking, people seemed to enjoy living in the now and not focusing on the future, which gave her a smile on her face as she walked down by the many people, she grabbed the door knot and opened the door peeking inside. her parents must've been busy since they werent there. 


Gyda was getting water from the well. Her family was struggling more now than ever, not because they didn't earn any money, they earned well from the leather making their family did. They even had deliveries to the king himself. Rollo adored their work and loved their crafting skills. Meanwhile Gyda just honestly wanted to practice her archer skills, she was really getting good at this. However, killing wasn't her thing, she didn't enjoy taking the lives of others. 

"You're working yourself too hard Thora." A familiar face approached by the door smiling at the girl who had just sat the basket by the small dinner table. It was Gida. She seemed very happy despite their incident that wasn't too long ago. "im fine Gida." Thora raised her hands in defense to show her there were no signs of wounds or anything on them. 

Despite Gida being overprotective about her, she was her closest friend around here. She'd been with her since childbirth since their parents knew each other. Gida walked inside the house closing the door behind her. Thora sat down and looked up at Gida who took a seat beside her. Gida usually would pretend she was fine in situations where she really wasn't. she didn't like when people cared too much about her. Ever since her sister passed away it was as if she was completely alone, like she didn't need anyone to tell her what to do. It worried Thora alot. 

"All men to the front gate!"

a voice called outside. The two maidens looked upon each other before getting up from their seat. 

"Whats happening out there?" 

Thora looked outside through a small window by the door, but the moment the bell in the yard right outside started ringing, it clicked for them.

"Vikings!" someone yelled. 

"We need more resources!" another yelled afterwards.


Thora spoke out loud as she peeked outside. It seemed so unrealistic in the moment of heat, they were under attack. It just clicked for Gida. She immediately got up and grabbed a bow from a stack of weapons in one of the closets they had. Thora turned around and looked confused at her to how in the world she knew this. 

But rather than asking questions she nodded at her while Gida grabbed arrows. "I suggest you take a sword if you wanna live!" Gida exclaimed and looked up at her. Thora was dead silent, did this become their war now? "We can't just go hurt them! They're warriors!" Thora crossed her arms as she locked the door. Gida sighed and walked over toward her. "We can't just stay in here... can we?" she was scared. But she was more afraid of showing her emotions rather than dying in a war that she barely knew anything about.

"Can't you just talk to them? If you believe in the gods too i dont see why they wouldn't like you..." 

Thora shook her head and chuckled softly. Not exactly the way it worked but she wasn't surprised thats how she thought. The girls looked at each other and ran upstairs of the small house. The bedroom was empty, there was a double bed, a small desk, and a night lamp. That was it. We should rest til its over outside. 

"you can put the bow down now Gida..."

Thora sighed at the slightly younger girl behind her, she didn't even have to look at her in order to know she was still carrying it around. Like some dog carrying its bone around since it was that precious. She growled a bit in annoyance but didn't exactly judge her from saying like she did. They were safe. 

"Fine. But if we get shot and murdered cold blooded in our sleep dont come complaining to me." 

Thora knew her tone, she was joking. At least a little bit. The sounds from outside were like wolves hunting some sort of herd of moose's that wanted to defend their territory. Thora were eventually sound asleep; her breath was calm. Gida stroke a piece of hair away from her face. She was like a sister to her. 

A sister she never got back. Thora didn't have any siblings so having Gida to take care off was more than she could ever ask for. The quiet spread outside, the quiet after the storm spread and filled the land with an even creepier feeling than usually when in war. Gida sat up and rubbed her eyes. It was too quiet outside, she walked downstairs and peeked through the window, bunch of dead bodies.

 Lots of blood around. Especially on the ground. She grabbed the door orb. Slowly pulled it open and looked outside. Nothing. A few soldiers were walking around but they'd recognize her to be civilian. 

Gida stood outside and looked around, until she had turned 90 degrees around beside the door right next to it seeing a person laying on the ground. He was wounded, didn't seem to be awake she jumped a bit and rushed inside of the house nearly tripping on herself.

"Thora! One of them is alive! Where is my damn bow!" 

Gyda looked around jumping like a scared horse, on ice. She tore an arrow out of the closet and grabbed her bow adjusting it, she didn't take chances she pointed the arrow at the male sitting on the ground. Thora walked downstairs calm and quietly. Yet awake enough to know the danger. 

"Dont hurt him."

Thora commented bowing down toward him, Gida didn't believe her eyes. How the hell did she just calmly walk down casually like he was one of us. 

"Youre crazy..." 

she sighed slowly letting the bow downward. Thora pulled his crave down a bit from his neck to check his pulse. He was breathing luckily. Probably just passed out of exhaustion or because of a wound somewhere.

"Im going to save him... with or without you."

Thora added, Gida nearly dropping her jaw from her comment. She couldn't be damn serious.

"Look i know youre from the same damn religion but this is really not needed."

Gida swung his other arm over her shoulder to help Thora with carrying him inside the house. Step by step they got him inside of their small little cottage, the bedroom was tiny as said but should be enough to keep him alive to rest and heal. 

"Hes a royal. I can tell from the runes on his belt."

Thora added before Gida let go and watched as she carried the man into the bedroom placing him on it. She'd undress him at least just on the top of his body to check for wounds, he'd gotten what seemed to be an arrow through his shoulder. Thora looked up at Gida begging for help. She was the only one who was somewhat experienced in something with arrows. She sighed and joined her by the bed examining the wound on him. 

"Treatable. But im glad that isn't me." She chuckled. 

( Hi guys! im obsessed with this series legit- ive got so much up my sleeve for this story so look forward to that! *-* ill probably do Reader x charachters too ^^)

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