❝What's up with the gloves?❞
❝They hide my past. My history.❞
In this story, we learn a lesson. Everyone can and needs to be accepted, whether they be deaf, blind, crippled and the list goes on, nobody should be left out.


3. iii

Nathan slipped back inside the room, seeing Liam. He was sitting on the floor with his knees facing up and had his arms resting on them. His head was covered with the hoodie and he cried into his arms.

The brown-haired boy stared at Liam gloomily and walked over to him. Helping him up, he walked him over to his car, and drove him to his house, guided by Liam.

When Liam saw his house, he turned to Nathan, and in a rushed, throaty voice, Liam spoke. "Thank you for helping me," he said, waving goodbye to Nathan and going inside.


Liam lay in his bed, bored. He studied his gloves. He studied his sheets. He studied the ceiling.

Then the doorbell rang.

And it rang.

And it rang again.

Liam threw back his sheets, getting out of bed to use the home computer downstairs. Hand on the wooden railing, he walked to the living room in shorts, a t-shirt and socks. He sat in front of it, and turned it on.


More knocking.

Liam saw the familiar Google homepage on his screen and licked the search box. Looking up, he thought of something to search and he saw Nathan banging on the window trying to get Liam's attention.

Liam ran over to the door and opened it, letting Nathan in.

"Didn't you hear the door..." Nathan hit himself in the head. "Right. You're deaf." He said to himself.

Nathan handed a sheet of paper to Liam.

Just wanted to come over and check on you.

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