❝What's up with the gloves?❞
❝They hide my past. My history.❞
In this story, we learn a lesson. Everyone can and needs to be accepted, whether they be deaf, blind, crippled and the list goes on, nobody should be left out.


2. ii

"H-hi, I'm..." the boy hit himself in the head, reminding himself that Liam was deaf. He opened his notebook and tearing a page out, scribbled some words on it;

I'm Nathan Gonzales. Nice to meet you.

Liam typed into his phone. "Nice to meet you too," the computer voice said.

Nathan's head snapped left and he saw an older and tougher boy heave himself up from his chair and make his way towards them. He was about to run out the classroom, but he stopped and motioned to Liam: "come."

Liam got up, and picked up his books, but it was too late. The boy had reached Liam.

He laughed a sinister laugh. "Yo, deaf boy," he spat. "I see you got eyes for that wimp, Nathan, eh?"

Liam quivered in his shadow.

"Eddie! We got one!" he called. Eddie sat in the seat beside his friend, and was the same height and size as him.

"Reggie, lay off. My turn." Eddie said, in a raspberry tone. Reggie stepped back and let his friend stand in front of Liam.

Eddie grabbed Liam's head and smashed it against the wall. Liam fell to his knees as searing pain beyond belief filled his brain. Tears stung his eyes, and wiping his tears with his gloves, he scooted back and looked back up at the boys bullying him.

Reggie picked him up by his hoodie and held him in the air, telling Eddie to take the phone. He did as was told, and seeing the phone had a passcode, he threw it to the floor, and crushed the shards.

Then, snickering and insulting Liam, they left, slinging their backpacks over their shoulders.

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