❝What's up with the gloves?❞
❝They hide my past. My history.❞
In this story, we learn a lesson. Everyone can and needs to be accepted, whether they be deaf, blind, crippled and the list goes on, nobody should be left out.


1. i

Liam Hinsey wrapped his gloved fingers around the door handle. He pulled it and held it open, getting and eyeful of the pristine white corridors, the complementing blue lockers and students dissolving into their specific classrooms.

This school year will be great¸ he told himself. He felt confidence rise from the soles of his worn-out shoes, through his long black gloves and to his pale blonde hair.

He pulled a folded sheet of paper – his timetable – from his pocket, studying it carefully and walking around the school trying to locate his class. Seeing students file into his first period room, he checked the number. Surely enough, it corresponded with the timetable.

The bell rang deafeningly while Liam was sprinting towards the door. Three minutes late and getting stares from all over the class, he held himself up, his hands on his knees, panting.

Regaining his breath, he pulled a phone out of his sweater pocket. He pressed the power button, typed in his passcode and tapped a few characters into an app.

Then, pressing one last button, he held the phone speaker towards the class, and a robotic voice came through it.

"My name is Liam, and I'm deaf."

Liam tapped some more keys, and once again, facing the class, the robotic voice came out of the phone's speaker.

"I'm sixteen and I hope we can be friends this year."

He smiled brightly and slipped the phone back into his pocket, and walked to an empty seat beside a shaggy brown-haired boy.

"That's the new student," Liam lip-read the teacher. "Because of his" – the teacher shielded her mouth from Liam. – "disability, you'll have to help him learn."

Liam looked at the boy next to him. His jaw was wide open and he looked puzzled as if trying to understand what just happened and who entered the room just now. The boy slowly waved at him, and Liam waved back, grinning. Then, opening a book, tried to learn something.


The bell rang, and as Liam looked up from his book to the board, he noticed the student in front of him was gone, and slowly, every one else was gone too.

Everyone else except the shaggy brown-haired boy.

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