Gone: The final chapter

WARNING: Contains violence, foul language and references to torture and other R16+ themes.

After rescuing the last batch of victims from Fenrir, Leo doesn't seem to catch a break. when he goes missing it's up to his brother, sister in law and adoptive brothers to rescue him before Fenrir has his way and finally gets what he wants

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8. Scene 8

Scene 8

(lights up, we see the inside of Penny’s house.)

Prue: Oh, Penny, I’m so glad you’re ok.

Penny: I’m sorry Mom. It’s my fault for leaving. I just went to school and was taken from there after school ended.

(Lights up on Chase’s house)

Chase: Dad, I’m sorry for lying to you and saying that I was at Jim’s house. I wasn’t.

Zayn: It’s ok, Chase. It’s just so good to see you home. I missed you. You don’t know what I went through, ringing everyone to ask about where you are.

(Lights up on Ella’s house)

Mel: Ryan?

Ryan: Mom, I’m sorry for lying to you. I said I was at Penny’s house doing homework. But I wasn’t. I’m so sorry.

Mel: It’s ok. I’m just so happy to see you home.

Ryan: I’m so happy to be home.

(Lights up on Penny’s house.)

Prue: If you want to go to Leo’s house for a movie night, then go. I’m not going to stop you from having a social life.

Penny: Thanks mom.

(Lights up on Zayn’s House)

Zayn: I suppose, if you want to go and watch a movie with leo and your friends. Then I say do it.

Chase: Sweet. Thanks dad.

(Lights up on Ryan’s house)

Mel: If you want to join Penny for a movie night at Leo’s, then do it.

Ryan: Sweet. Thanks mom.

(Lights up on Leo’s house. Ryan, Chase and Penny are sitting with Leo, Annabelle, Ryker and Nathan.)

Leo: Shall we get this movie night underway?

Nathan: Alright. Let’s have this movie night that we didn’t have last month.

Annabelle: Alright. Drinks on me.

Ryker: Fina-fucking-lly.

Nathan: Language.

(All laugh)

Ryker: Ok. geez

All: Ryker!

Ryker: Alright!

(All crack up, laughing as Ryker turns the TV on.)

(End scene.)

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