Gone: The final chapter

WARNING: Contains violence, foul language and references to torture and other R16+ themes.

After rescuing the last batch of victims from Fenrir, Leo doesn't seem to catch a break. when he goes missing it's up to his brother, sister in law and adoptive brothers to rescue him before Fenrir has his way and finally gets what he wants

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5. Scene 5

(Lights up on Leo and co. they are being lead at gunpoint. Dan is thrusting the gun in Leo’s temple. Fenrir is with them.)

Dan: How does it feel, Leo. to be completely at my Mercy.

Penny: Let us go. You can't do this.

Fenrir: Oh shut up.

Leo: Don’t talk to her like that.

(Fenrir grabs Leo.)

Fenrir: Aww. look at you. What’re you gonna do? Play the hero and stop me?

(Leo stands on Fenrir’s foot.)

Leo: Run!

(The group disappears. Lights flash to show passage of time. They are hiding out in the parthenon.)

Penny: What do we do?

Chase: We hide out here until this all blows over.

Ryan: This’ll never blow over, chase and you know that.

Leo: It’s my fault. I’m the one he wants.

Ryan: What’s wrong with you?

Leo: Like I said. I’m a chlorokinetic, I can manipulate plants, like I demonstrated with the seeds in the house.

Penny: Wait, that was seeds?

Leo: Yes.

(Leo pulls out a pack of seeds.)

Chase: What’re those?

Leo: Broad beans. A vine creeper. I need to find something more effective. The vines didn’t distract them long enough.

Ryan: What about this?

(Ryan pulls out a mix CD)

Penny: A mix tape? Really Ryan? What’s that gonna do?

Ryan: I just thought.

Leo: Honestly, we’re never gonna survive this, Fenrir will…

(Fenrir appears at the door frame)

Fenrir: Find you? Listen, Leo.  Actually try and get away from me next time without hiding nearby.

Leo: Ok, Fenrir. How long are you gonna keep this up?

Fenrir: I’m gonna keep this up till all you bastards are off the face of the earth.

Leo: Don’t talk to them like that. Leave them out of this, I’m the one you want.

Fenrir: It’s your fault that this is happening.

Leo: Like I told you last year, My parents are PAID to put you in prison.

Fenrir: Exactly. I don’t care about your safety, I want you to suffer. You will rue the damn day you ever decided to crawl over here.

(End scene.)

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