Gone: The final chapter

WARNING: Contains violence, foul language and references to torture and other R16+ themes.

After rescuing the last batch of victims from Fenrir, Leo doesn't seem to catch a break. when he goes missing it's up to his brother, sister in law and adoptive brothers to rescue him before Fenrir has his way and finally gets what he wants

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4. Scene 4

(Lights up on Nathan and co. they have infiltrated Fenrir’s house.)

Nathan: Oh my gosh, I thought I’d never see this place again.

Luke: It’s been one year since we were here.

Annabelle: Yes, Luke. and I hope to never see this place again after today.

Nathan: Let’s split up, we’ll find Leo faster. Take this.

(Nathan throws Luke, Ryker and Annabelle a phone each.)

Ryker: A phone?

Nathan: Yes, if you see or hear anything suspicious, ring one another.

Ryker/Luke/Annabelle: Right. Split up.

(they all exit. We see Luke in the parlour)

Luke: Ok. look through his stuff find anything that might give us a clue to where leo might be.

(Luke rifles through Fenrir’s stuff. We snap to see Annabelle searching in the attic.)

Annabelle: oh my god, doesn’t he know how to dust anything? This place is a mess.

(Annabelle rifles through the stuff. Cut to Nathan)

Nathan: Hey, what’s this

(Nathan picks up a piece of fabric, Identical to Leo’s shirt. He calls Annabelle)

Annabelle: Yes, Nathan?
Nathan: hey, babe?

Annabelle: Yes?

Nathan: Have you seen Leo anywhere?

Annabelle: No, have you?

Nathan: No, but I’ve found a piece of fabric IDENTICAL to his shirt he was wearing two days ago when he was taken.

Annabelle: So, you’re saying he’s here?

Nathan: Yes, get in touch with the others.

(Nathan hangs up. Annabelle rings Luke.)

Annabelle: Hey, Luke?

Luke: Yeah?

Annabelle: Have you seen Leo in the past two minutes?

Luke: No, why do you ask?

Annabelle: Nathan has found something. Meet us in the parlour, make sure Ryker knows about it.

Luke: Sweet, I’ll get in touch with him.

(Luke rings Ryker)

Ryker: What’s up, man?

Luke: Meet us in the parlour?

Ryker: Why? What’s up?

Luke: Apparently, Nathan has found some clue as to Leo’s whereabouts

Ryker: Sweet, I’m on my way

(End scene)

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