Gone: The final chapter

WARNING: Contains violence, foul language and references to torture and other R16+ themes.

After rescuing the last batch of victims from Fenrir, Leo doesn't seem to catch a break. when he goes missing it's up to his brother, sister in law and adoptive brothers to rescue him before Fenrir has his way and finally gets what he wants

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2. Scene 2

(Lights up. Dan drags Leo onstage and throws him to the ground.)

Leo: Let me go, you sick bastard.

Dan: No fucking way. Like I’m losing the best prize in history.

Leo: What do you want with me? You’ve obviously got the wrong guy.

(Dan pulls out Leo’s student ID)

Dan: Is this you?

Leo: Hey! Where’d you get that?

Dan: Oh you don’t need to worry about that.

(Dan exits. Leo curls up into a ball. Ella and Penny approach him.)

Penny: It’s ok. We’re not going to hurt you.

Leo: What do you want?

Ryan: Eat this. You’ll need the energy.

(Ryan hands Leo a musli bar.)

Leo: What is it?

Ryan: A protein bar.

(Chase enters.)

Chase: New comer? Who’s this?

Leo: I’m Leo.

Chase: When did you get here?

Leo: Not too long ago actually. Is he always like this?

Chase: Who?

Leo: That dude. I think he told me his name was Dan.

Penny: Oh, Dan. He’s a nightmare. Show him, Chase.

(Chase rolls up his sleeve to show cuts from a whip.)

Leo: He did that to you?

Chase: Yeah.

Leo: Who does he work for?

Penny: I think he mentioned someone called…

Leo: Fenrir?

Penny(Shocked): You know him?!

Leo: Yeah, he kidnapped me before. And his son and daughter, Ryker and Annabelle both have been imprisoned by him in the past.

Chase: Ouch.

Ryan: Do you know why he did that?

Leo: I’m apparently a Botanokinetic, meaning I can manipulate plants and vegetation.

Penny: Oh ok. Makes sense.

Leo: Do you know how to get out of here?

Chase: You aren’t supposed to. He bolts the door shut so we can’t escape.

Leo: That’ll be no trouble.
(Leo throws seeds to the ground. Lights flash and the door has come off its hinges. Leo and co. exit)

(End scene.)


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