Gone: The final chapter

WARNING: Contains violence, foul language and references to torture and other R16+ themes.

After rescuing the last batch of victims from Fenrir, Leo doesn't seem to catch a break. when he goes missing it's up to his brother, sister in law and adoptive brothers to rescue him before Fenrir has his way and finally gets what he wants

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1. Scene 1

(Lights up on leo, Ryker and Nathan)

Ryker: Hey, Nathan?

Nathan: Yeah?

Ryker: What time are your parents getting home?

Nathan: They’re on a business trip in the Chatham islands.

Ryker: Where’s that?

Leo: It’s in the Polynesian triangle.

Ryker: Which is?

Leo: Near New Zealand, where I was born.

Ryker: Ok makes sense.

(Mail Man knocks on the door. Nathan answers)

Nathan: Hello?

Mailman: Package for...Leo?

Nathan: Sweet, I’ll give it to him.

Mail Man: No, he needs to come to the door, we need his signature.

Leo: Nathan, come back and enjoy the movie, I’ll sort the package out.

(Leo gets up to retrieve the package. He doesn’t come back.)

Nathan: Hey, Leo?

(No answer)

Ryker: Leo? Are you there?

(No answer)

Nathan: I’ll try calling his cellphone.

(Nathan rings Leo’s cellphone)

Dan(Offstage): How thick are you people?

Nathan: Hello? Who is this?

Dan(Offstage): I can’t believe you’d let things get this far. You could’ve just given him to us the first time without any trouble, things wouldn’t be like this if you had.

Nathan: Who are you? Who are you working for?

Dan(Offstage): That’s not any of your concern. What you should be concerned about is your brother’s safety. Don’t call the authorities, don’t run to your parents, don’t tell anyone. If you do, I will rip your brother to shreds.

(Phone hangs up.)

Ryker: Who is it?

Nathan: Someone has Leo.

(End scene)

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