My Little Kitten (Sebastian x Reader)

You are a neko who ran away from your abuse parents at home. When you ran about 4 miles away, you came to an alley to rest. That was when Sebastian found you sleeping in the alley and brought you to the manor. You begin to work as a maid at the Phantomhive Manor, and soon discover the crush Sebastian has on you.


2. Wait, what?

You woke up to a bright light, and you assumed it was morning. There was a fresh cup of tea next to you, and a dress at the end of the bed you were sleeping in.

(A/n: Here's the link to the pic of your dress! )

You quickly got dressed and looked in the mirror. A lot of your chest was showing, and your dress ended at about mid-thigh, but it looked cute on you! Your tail peaked out of a cut-out hole in the back of your dress, and your black ears made you look even more adorable! You heard a knock at your door, and you knew it would be Sebastian. "Come in." You said timidly, kind of shy about the outfit you were assigned to. Sebastian walked in, looking you up and down. You wore black flats with the dress, along with white tights.

Your tail flicked back and forth anxiously, and Sebastian started toward you. You tensed when Sebastian put his hand to your forehead, but soon relaxed. He frowned uneasily, and you looked at him with worry and confusion. "You seem to have a fever, miss (y/n). See to it that you will be resting for the day. I will inform the young master of your illness." Sebastian stated, exiting the room.

Young master? Was he the head of this place? You laid back down on your bed, closing your eyes momentarily. Then, a pink-haired girl burst into the room, her glasses cracked.

"Are you miss (y/n?)" She asked. You nodded cautiously. A bright grin spread on her face. "I'm Mey-Rin. Rumor has it that Sebastian has a big old crush on you, yes!" She beamed, and you felt your cheeks heat up. Sebastian? You? Pssh. Whatever. You rolled your eyes.

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