My Little Kitten (Sebastian x Reader)

You are a neko who ran away from your abuse parents at home. When you ran about 4 miles away, you came to an alley to rest. That was when Sebastian found you sleeping in the alley and brought you to the manor. You begin to work as a maid at the Phantomhive Manor, and soon discover the crush Sebastian has on you.


3. Sick pt. 1

You were starting to doubt that you were actually sick. You felt fine, and had no symptoms. So you decided to help Finni with the garden, and when you got there, he was practically yanking roses out of the rose garden. You rushed over, and told him to simply clip the bruised ones and only pull the plants that were not roses. He seemed to understand now, and only pulled weeds instead of perfectly good roses. You stood up to go help Bard in the kitchen, but suddenly felt light-headed. You stumbled to the door and clutched the door frame to keep balanced. Sebastian spotted you wheezing in the doorway, and rushed toward you.

"(Y/n)! What are you doing out of bed? You look terrible!" Sebastian said, concern creasing his forehead. You shook your head.

"I'm fine, Sebastian. Just a little light headed is all." You replied looking at Sebastian innocently. He cautiously walked away, not sure whether to believe you or not. You walked carefully into the kitchen, and found Bard pulling out a flame thrower.

"Wait, Bard!" You yelled, and he stopped dead in his tracks. "I'll take over from here." You offered, and Bard seemed relieved.

"Thanks, (y/n)!" He replied cheerfully, lazily trotting out of the kitchen. You sighed. Another chore to do. You glanced at the recipe. Lemon Meringue Pie. Not so hard, you had made this before. You were soon finished with the pie, and man, did it smell good! You smiled with pride to yourself, and set the pie out to cool for a few minutes.

You brought Ciel the pie, and he seemed very pleased with it. "Excellent job, (y/n)." He said, dismissing you out of his study. When you walked out, you felt so dizzy you had to lean against a wall. Next thing you knew, you were limp on the ground, and everything went black.

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