My Little Kitten (Sebastian x Reader)

You are a neko who ran away from your abuse parents at home. When you ran about 4 miles away, you came to an alley to rest. That was when Sebastian found you sleeping in the alley and brought you to the manor. You begin to work as a maid at the Phantomhive Manor, and soon discover the crush Sebastian has on you.


1. Saved

You woke up to the sound of thunder, remembering you were in an alley. You had ran away from home, and had ran many miles. You curled yourself up into a sitting position, your knees pressed against your chest. You hated being homeless, but hey, it  was better than nothing! Your already rain-soaked cat ears pressed against your head, and your cat tail wrapped around your waist in order to consume body heat. It was around mid-fall, and when it rained, man, was it cold! You buried your head into your knees, trying to get warm.

"Are you lost, miss?" A voice asked from the other side of the alleyway. You shot your head up to look at the tall figure standing just a few feet away. Your eyes widened in terror, and you slowly backed away. "No need to fear me, my lady. I am Sebastian, butler of the Phantomhive Manor. And you are...?" Sebastian cooed, now just inches away.

"I-I'm (Y/n)." You said, not wanting to give away any more information. Sebastian nodded. You then noticed him staring at your ears, looking like he was struggling not to reach out and touch them. You giggled slightly, and Sebastian looked at you, confused. Then he recomposed himself.

"May I?" Sebastian asked, bending down on one knee. He reached for your ears. You laughed and nodded eagerly. You wanted to be touched gently, not violently the way your parents did. Sebastian pet your ears, slightly grinning to himself. He began to scratch behind your right ear, and you purred lightly. You snuggled against Sebastian as he lifted you into his arms to bring you to the Phantomhive Manor. Soon enough, you drifted into a deep sleep.

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