At first Bite

My name is Hades Fowl. I was the lucky one who happen to get a disease that was said to be impossible to kill. I'm sixteen and I've been a Senior Vamp since I could walk.


2. Part two:

 (Campers were distribute in cabin. Jason,Hades And Cathy and a girl from Tragic Magic Named Connie got Cabin 6 Landie and her friends, Angie,Lauren,and two and a enchateress name Margret, and a werewolf named Siren got cabin 2 and the rest of the people are not important. 

Hades; Move your coffin so mine can fit!

Jason: put yours over there Sunshine.

Cathy: get your wands out of my makeup space!

Connie: or get your make up out of

My wand space.                                

(Connie had ......everything was purple  from her cloak to her eyes. ) 

Hades: why don't you put your Coffin over there?

Jason: I'm lazy

Hades: got that right.

(Hades moves her coffin)

Cathy: why don't I snap your wands?!

Connie:why don't I step on your tail? Dog breath.

Cathy: your not a  witch just a b*tch!

Connie: Take that back!

Cathy: move you stuff!

Jason: stop fighting!

Hades: for once in Jason's pathetic life he's right.we need to stop fighting!

Jason: my Pathetic life?!

Hades: oops sorry I forgot you don't have one. You should get one it great!

Jason: Grr! 

(Jason growls and stomps off)

Cathy: that was really mean. He really likes you.

Hades: that's not l going to work!

Connie: I have to.....

(Connie walks out)

walks to her did off a coffin a starts unpacking.) 

Cathy: You are not very nice.

(Hades looks sorrowfully at Cathy her eyes blood red.)

Hades was hungry. That is why she was acting weird. Had not had enough blood. She was deadly pale paler than normal.




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