At first Bite

My name is Hades Fowl. I was the lucky one who happen to get a disease that was said to be impossible to kill. I'm sixteen and I've been a Senior Vamp since I could walk.


1. Episode 1:

Jr. Vamps Episode 1 Jr.VampCampSquadThemesong    Hades! And Jason! Sleep all day And fly night The taste for blood We don't like the light  Jr. Vamps   Belong at camp     Connie! The magic is my finger tips   Bring people back from R.I.P.  But be careful as a dead teen  Your bestie might become a eating machine.  Has you veggies got the best of you? So the coming after you to   Cathy! My tail is wagging  My ears are flapping   Under neath the moonlight  Love at first bite .       Chapter Episode 01: love at first bite ( warning if your jumping please read with a parent little ones- Cathy).     A black school bus came rolling in the night. With red writing. A dark haired girl sat in a row with two bags and a coffin arguing with a ash blond boy. All the kids has sunglasses on hidden there  sentive eyes.  The girl Hades. The boy Jason    Hades: stop talking to me  Jason: your so grumpy all the time. ( a ash blond girl with pictails pokes him.  Landie:would be to if my name was named after the God of the underworld!  ( Hades snaps her sharp teeth at Jason little sister)    Jason: I want you and I to be a nest!   Hades: your in Landie's nest.  Landie: no he's not I'm with my friends (Jason smiles at her sheepishly. Hades make a low growl and is interrupted by 2 things)   Speaker: Jr. Vamps if your in your nests, let me tell you to two camps will be joined, Camp Tragic Magic and Pack Attack. Please stay in your seats as they come in. ( they bus stopped and children with  Roobs came on followed by children with wolf tails and ears and hoods flips over there heads. Immediately the Jr.Vamps made a growl. A reaction of things invaded Vampire territory.   Hades: Grr. Jason: Hades____ calm__ down rrr    (Landie shrank into a bat.)   A girl with gray wolf ears and short pink hair a a matching tail walked past and stopped at Hades seat.   Hades: GRRR!  Jason : you can-n sit with me. Girl: thanks? I guess . ( she sits down)  Girl: I'm Cathrin  call me Cathy  Jason: I'm Jason , that's er.... Hades: If you have for gotten my name, for all these years I swear to god . I will k-  Jason: relax Sunshine. I messing with you. This Hades. And that's my little sister Landie she new her first time.  (Jason points at a little bat flitting nervously above her seat.   Hades: don't call me Sunshine  (Jason waves her off) Cathy: cool so your like a group of friends? Hades: Jason is not my friend. Jason: oww! Come on sunshine I am your friend.  Hades: what ever  Landie: I'm really freaking out  guys. It smells like wet dog in here. Jason and Hades: Quiet worm! Cathy: so you guys aren't used to Werewolves? Hades: we not used to people not of our species touching our territory. It all new.  Cathy: What about Witches over there? Hades: there blood smell so good! (Jason shoves something in her mouth. It's a Anti- blood juice box for vamps.)  Hades: that is disgusting Jason: we're helping you in your no human blood diet! Hades: It still gross Landie: better drained juice than drain body. (Cathy shivers)    Two hours later.....   (It the crack of dawn 3,246 miles from California.   Hades and all the other Jr. Vamps put on sunscreen,[75pf].       Cathy falls asleep on Hades' shoulder. Hades has a low growl.     Hades: why is she touching me?  Jason: it called sleeping. Hades: Ha ha ha. Very funny. I mean... I hate being touched. Jason: did you know the words hate and he'll come from Hades? Hades: I'm going to kill you. (Jason puts his hands up defensively) Jason: just saying..... ( Hades puts her hand to her lips and makes a zzz ip! Motion) Jason: but.... Hades: zip! Jason: I just- ( Hades give her a warning look) Hades: hushhh child. (Jason pouts and sits down not saying a word) Hades: that right sweetheart just be quiet. Landie: your like a mom. Hades: don't ever say that again.   1,000 miles later.....  Cathy: I'm hungry.  Hades: Jason do you have another juice box? (Jason is snoring on the seat, Hades put her finger to her lips becuase Landie is sleeping next to him. She pulls out a phone.   Snap! Hades: brother and sister moments. Cathy: we should show him the picture when he is in high school, when he  with his friends. Hades: I love you.   The bus finally rolls into an forest  with lot of cabins. Girls in boys were allowed in the same cabin. One because most the time they slept in coffins.    Speaker: Jr. Vamps, P.As., and Tragics. Please stay seated until the bus is to a full stop. Remember when you are out in the woods please be with your groups. And campers you will wait until you distribute into a cabin by nests!  ( Though they were warned the vampires were faster than lighting and rushed out the second the bus stopped all of them slamming into the glass doors. The bus driver opened the door and  they fell out.)    Hades: Jason move you foot! Jason: Landie get your butt out of my face! Landie: get your face out my butt! Vamp1: back up! Vamp 2: your smashes me! ( a Vampire counselor  pulls them apart)  Vampire counselor: this happen every single time.     ( Hades turns to see a sign read, Welcome Vampers ! Have a fangstastic time at came Vamp Squad!)    End of Episode 1
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