Shark Bay 4 A novel

When another Great White Shark terrorizes the town of Shark Bay, near New York, fisherman Ellison Grange, decides to prevent more attacks before it's too late.


3. Shark Bay-Part Two


Amie Harrold got dressed in a red shirt. She watched the sirens blaring. ​Something's going on; something's not right​, she thought to herself. Ellison would come back home after work at six o'clock in the evening after spending eight hours or more patrolling the beach. Then her I-phone rang.

"Hello. Who's speaking?", she asked. 

"It's Brenda Carmichael. Is the Festival still on?", she answered. 

"The Shark Bay Winter Festival", she said.


"Yes, it's today at 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM. It goes for three nights". 

"That's great. I'll come by soon".

"Fine. Good bye, Brenda".

"Good bye, Amie", she said.

And Amie pressed the END CALL button...and was prepared for the week ahead.


Sheppard Gaines shivered in the cold weather. He saw the coming winter frost was bad for business. He smoked a cigar, and savoured the taste of tar that filled his lungs. By Midday, he was eating fish and chips when he saw several teenagers arrive in a black van. He shrugged his shoulders, and continued eating.


Bobby Travers stared at the cold water. 

"Alison! Greg! Let's go in the water", he said.

"'s freezing", Bill said.

"Once we go in it, we'll be fine". The beginning of the heavy snow begun to fall. Suddenly, as they got out, they headed towards the pier. Once they started to swim, it was 51 degrees. Bobby backed away. Suddenly the shark appeared. Its massive mouth opened up. And, as it bit into the left thigh of the swimmer, Bobby screamed. And his body was dragged underneath the deep water, and wasn't seen again.


Ellison heard it.

The screaming.

He ran towards the pier. 

"What the hell happened?", he asked the small group of swimmers. 

"Bobby was in the water. He was attacked by a monster", Greg answered. He was crying. Tears fell down his acne-filled face. 

"A monster, like a shark-but only bigger".

"Yes, I didn't think that we'd be killed swimming", Greg said. He comforted his girlfriend Alison. She was shuddering with fear. 

"Okay, I'll call his parents, and give them the bad news". And he stared out of the ocean, and pondered whether to tell the authorities about the shark.


Alan Jefferies and Coroner Danielle Carters arrived at the scene. They got out of the car. Once they saw the distraught looks on the teenagers' faces, both of them shook their heads; they saw a blue 2011 car rush towards them. Then it stopped. A forty-three year old man, and forty-two year old woman got out of the vehicle. "Bobby! Bobby!", she said. Ellison walked towards her.

"Mrs. Pryce. Mister Pryce. Your son is dead. He died due to a shark bite; he...". He didn't know what to say.

"A Great White Shark killed our son", Mister Pryce said.

"Yes, only it's a monster creature from the deep. We thought that the other sharks were contained, and they left Shark Bay. We're in communication with the Ellis Island Marine Authority all of the time". Mrs. Pryce shook her head.

"The snow is bad during the winter. I don't know why Bobby is swimming here with his friends. He's eighteen years' old". Mister Pryce spoke.

"He's...gone. And there's no body". 

"No, Sir! No body", Alan said.

"You said it was safe here; you lied", Mrs. Pryce said. She broke down in tears. And she walked away to the car...and waited for her husband before they consulted their lawyers in town.

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