Shark Bay 4 A novel

When another Great White Shark terrorizes the town of Shark Bay, near New York, fisherman Ellison Grange, decides to prevent more attacks before it's too late.


22. Shark Bay-Part Twenty-Two


Andreas Schlepp focused his attention on dead body at the marina. "Ich möchte, dass Sie alle wissen, wie gefährlich Shark Bay ist. Wir wollen das Monster tot​", he said. He drank coffee, as he saw Sandrine Hoffmann, his girlfriend, was agitated. "Die Seeleute sind eifrig, der Hai, Andreas zu fangen. Wir werden reich werden, wenn wir töten​", she said. They saw everyone was on their ships, and boats, that were moored in the docks. "Andreas, bereit für das Schiff​", Tomas Stein said. The three teenagers reached their boat that was called ​German II​. As they set sail, the morning glow off Shark Bay was the first thing they saw.

It was now 6:15 AM.


Anne Poll stared at the snow. 

It had stopped for the time being. 

She ran to the docks, and saw Harry Kendall was smiling at her. 

"Hej, myślałem, że dalszy miss nasza przygoda​", he said. 

"Patrole są zintensyfikowane wokół Shark Bay. Wszyscy rybacy są polowania zabójca rekina, Harry​", Anne said. She was dressed in a red jacket, blue jeans, a black belt, brown socks, and black shoes on her feet. She wore a cheap black watch on her right hand. At eighteen, she was born on Ellis Island when her parents emigrated from Warsaw, Poland, to live in America. She looked at the other ships. Suddenly they saw Pieter Graven, their friend, was shaking his head. "Pogoda jest ustawiona na 46 stopni​", he said. Harry nodded. Anne walked to the bow of the boat. "Chodźmy, zanim dotrą zbyt ciemne​", Anne said. And they all nodded, as all of them wore their jackets to keep warm.


"Ellis Island ist drei Meilen entfernt von Shark Bay. Es gibt Gerüchte, dass es sich um eine nukleare Strahlung site war 1952, sieben Jahre nach dem Ende des Zweiten Weltkriegs. Die amerikanische Regierung nannte das Projekt: 'Projekt Rote Nacht'. Es war bis 12. September 2005 klassifiziert. Alle Seeleute, die an den Docks lebte, litt an Unterernährung. Sie starben in Shark Bay Gebäude. Durch Weihnachtsabend, 1958 bis 5. Dezember 1999, wurde die Stadt bei Touristen beliebt. Und der Gewinn- und eingerollt. Aber die haiattacken in der modernen High-Tech-Welt des 21. Jahrhunderts, wo Sie app der Bucht auf Ihrem i-Phone, bedeutet herunterladen können wir den Bereich richtig scannen für den Hai", Andreas said. He finished his coffee. Then he threw it in the trash bin. By 6:30 AM, the burst of the sun's rays hovered above the town of Shark Bay. Andreas, Sandrine, and Tomas headed on board the German II​ boat. He gripped the light yellow ropes with his right hand, and he walked towards the bow. And he assumed the role of the Captain. And they sailed off into the distance...and headed towards Ellis Island.


Pieter saw a sign that read: ​RADIATION SITE-DO NOT ENTER. YOU WILL BE PROSECUTED UNDER THE LAW OF THE SHARK BAY MILITARY ZONE AUTHORITY. Andreas moved the wheel with his hands. He headed towards the Lighthouse, which was two hundred meters away. And, as he did so, they reached The Point where there were sightings of sharks in the deep waters.


Anne started to feel the cold. 

"Muszę iść do pisania klasy kiedy wracam", she said. 

"Istnieje wiele czasu dla klas, Anne​", Harry said. She shook her head. She wore a red jumper. She had dated Harry for two years since January of 2016.

"Ja nie lubię wody​", Anne stated. 

"Możemy przejść na basenach później. Będzie fajnie". 

"Shark na luźne. I będziesz chciała gdzieś niebezpieczne​". Anne shivered. She saw Pieter, and smiled.


The German II was headed towards The Point. 

"Wir gehen in der Nähe von Lakai der Höhlen"​, Tomas said. He remembered his parents' wishes to be a doctor. But the thrill of the open seas was too much a risk to pass up. He was about to speak when Andreas and Sandrine noticed smaller sharks were circling the area. "Wir haben jetzt zu verlassen. Die Höhle kann warten​", Sandrine said. As a little girl she loathed the water. Unless she swam in her pool in New York with her parents. She watched birds in the air, as she focused her attention on the ancient caves where all kinds of sea monsters lived.

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