Shark Bay 4 A novel

When another Great White Shark terrorizes the town of Shark Bay, near New York, fisherman Ellison Grange, decides to prevent more attacks before it's too late.


29. Shark Bay-Part Twenty-Nine


Soren saw the huge female shark near Ellis Island.

"Min Gud! Det mate manliga haj. Få harpoongevär​". He saw Christine and Claus were screaming. "Hon är 70 till 80 meter lång​", Christine said. Claus gripped the harpoon gun. He held it in his right hand. And, as he fired at the female shark, it swam under the water. The harpoon dropped down into the water.  "Vi missade!​", Claus said dejectedly. And, as the shark opened its massive mouth, Claus fell into the water. And the shark bit into his left leg with its sharp teeth. Blood spilled everywhere. And Soren yelled in terror, as he drove his ship to shore, as the nightmare continued.

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