Shark Bay 4 A novel

When another Great White Shark terrorizes the town of Shark Bay, near New York, fisherman Ellison Grange, decides to prevent more attacks before it's too late.


36. Shark Bay-Part Thirty-Six


The tour group were on board ​The Shackleton 4​ cruise boat. Matt Free, the owner, gazed out of raging sea. "Sorry folks! The weather's too dangerous today". Alan Board, a rich Texan, strode purposefully towards him. "Now, listen! I paid fifty dollars for five hours...and I want my money's worth". Matt, who was smiling, stopped. "I know you're upset, Sir...". He watched the Swedish woman was staring at the waters. "Please Miss! Don't go far over the rails!". The woman stared at him. "Ursäkta, jag pratar inte engelska​". Matt grabbed his translator. "Miss, det är för din egen säkerhet inte att gå mot stål bryggan?​", he asked her. ​Great, languages 101 is a failure​, he thought to himself. "Åh, stål rail är farliga, ja". Matt was sweating. He had faced a lot of foreign tourists over the past decade in Shark Bay. But none of them was as beautiful as the mystery woman. "Ah, Sir. Maybe tomorrow....", Matt begun. "Tomorrow! I have an important meeting with Patterson at 7:30 AM the next day". Matt stared at him. "Ah, sure! Everyone, we can resume the trip", Matt said. And he grabbed hold of the giant brown wheel with his hands, and the boat resumed its course towards The Point in the deep water.


Melissa Dear entered the water off Shark Bay. She saw the ​DO NOT SWIM BECAUSE OF THE SHARK​ sign. She didn't think that the sharks were around here. She kicked her legs; she kicked until her legs were tired. Melissa saw the Lighthouse. Suddenly she screamed as the female shark opened its huge mouth...and bit into her left leg. Blood spilled like a geyser due to the deep wound. As the bones broke, she screamed again until her body dropped into the sea...and into the darkness.


Matt spoke. "Shark Bay is as old as time. It is a fishing place of trade. My parents were owners of the boats there in the nineteen seventies, and nineteen eighties. From 2000, to 2016, I have resurrected the tourism industry by offering cheap rates to see the sea life. Yes, the sharks have dominated the area for centuries. Sharks are as old as the dinosaurs. Now, we'll be heading to The Point where the cold caves are situated". And he smiled at them as the swirling waves battered the coastline.

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