Shark Bay 4 A novel

When another Great White Shark terrorizes the town of Shark Bay, near New York, fisherman Ellison Grange, decides to prevent more attacks before it's too late.


30. Shark Bay-Part Thirty-Section 5


Thelma Weiss was in the hot sand on Ellis Island beach.

"Moeder, gaan wij in het water? David is met zijn vrienden?​", she asked her. She wore her favourite red swimming suit. 

"Ja, Thelma. Haast voordat je vader brengt ons enkele ijsjes​", she answered her. Thelma, who was ten, smiled. She was thinking about her first time in America with her family. David, her thirteen year old brother, was studying at the Shark Bay school with her. She swam near the multi-coloured flags that wasn't in the dangerous rips. As she did so, she saw a boy was smiling at her. She waved at him. Then she kicked out in the water with her legs. Then, as she laughed, she ignored the signals of the eighty meter long great white shark, as it became attuned to her kicks.


The shark swam closer.

It opened its mouth wide.

Thelma screamed.

"Moeder! Haai! Haai!", she yelled. And, as the sirens rang along the beach, all hell broke loose in Shark Bay.


Ellison and Amie arrived at the beach.

"What happened?", he asked Curt Shields, the Head life guard.

"A Danish girl was attacked by a female shark. She's distraught. She was in the low part of the beach; she was with her parents. Her older brother was somewhere with his friends", he answered him.

Amie walked towards her.

"Hallo. Ik ben Amie. Mijn man, Ellison, is belast met de Shark Bay. Hij is een visser​". Thelma was being hugged by her mother.

"Ik wil een zee reporter", she said.

"We dromen allemaal van de zee en sport​", Amie said. She saw her mother, father, and brother, were running towards their daughter. 

"Wat is er gebeurd?​", Thorsten asked his wife.

"Een haai aangevallen Thelma. Ze stierf". 

"Dank u wel. Ik ben u dankbaar voor uw hulp​". And he hugged his daughter while they had lunch as a family.


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