Shark Bay 4 A novel

When another Great White Shark terrorizes the town of Shark Bay, near New York, fisherman Ellison Grange, decides to prevent more attacks before it's too late.


7. Shark Bay-Part Six


Don Sanders, Jr., a reporter for the Shark Bay Times​, savoured the taste of his hamburger with the lot at Delia's Burger Joint​ in town. He had a remembered the sensationalistic aspect to shark attacks; he had remembered the movies like ​Sharknado​ and laughed at it. To him, Peter Benchley's "Jaws​" from 1974, was scary as a thriller book. He saw Denise Pryce was eating a cheeseburger. "Hello, Denise. How're you doing?", he asked her. "I'm fine, Don. There's something evil in the water", she answered. "Yeah, killer sharks. I remember all of the childhood memories of terror books and movies as a child; I remembered the look on mom and dad's face when I saw Jaws II​ at the ​Franklin Cinema​ when I was eighteen. I wanted to be rich like Matt Hooper in Jaws​".  Don smiled. He finished eating. He headed to the ​Men's Restroom​. And opened the door, and went inside.


Daniel Harrison was thinking that the rain wouldn't stop. 

"Det er Guds vrede​", Sylvia van der Harte said.

"What", Daniel said, frowning.

"Guderne sendt killer Hvidhajen dræber os​", Sylvia said in Danish.

"The shark's not dead", Daniel said.

"Terror is here to stay, Daniel", Sylvia said in English.

"What can we do?", he asked her.

"We pray", Sylvia answered him.


Martin Deere was swimming near Ellis Island.

He ignored the burst of thunder in the afternoon sky. Suddenly, as his legs thrashed around, he saw the old lighthouse. An elderly man smiled at him. "Hurry up! The weather's bad", Fred James said. Martin saw a ladder that was immersed in the deep, dark, water. Once he gripped the iron ladder, he didn't see the massive shark. Martin scrambled to get upward. He reached the top, then he screamed as the shark's open mouth chomped downward, and dragged himself into the bloody waters.

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