Shark Bay 4 A novel

When another Great White Shark terrorizes the town of Shark Bay, near New York, fisherman Ellison Grange, decides to prevent more attacks before it's too late.


17. Shark Bay-Part Seventeen


Soren checked the time on his I-phone.

It was 11:32 PM.

"Hajar är territoriell. Inte rogues. De livnär sig på andra djur eftersom det är till sin natur; hajar är inte dum, hajar är intelligenta. Under min tid i Sverige, en jägare betalade endast 50 euro per säsong, i Amerika, det är 50.000 euro​", Soren said. He saw Christine and Claus were grabbing their night-time lights in their hands. "Jag vill fånga haj av dawn​", Soren added. And they headed to the Dröm 2​ ship, and headed into the water.


Christine saw four ships were stuck as the biting snow. The Shark Bay Coast Guards were on patrol. "Tyst. Vi kommer att bli upptäckt​", she said. She scanned the area around Ellis Island; she knew that the timing must be perfect. Suddenly Earl H. Kraemer, Jr., the Head of the Coast Guard, spoke to them. "You're heading into American waters", he used a blow horn. "We're Swedish hunters. We have a contract with Professor of Shark Studies, Donald Caine. He is expecting us in two days' time. We're hunting the dangerous shark that's off Ellis Island. I'm Soren. This is Claus, my assistant; this is Christine, my girlfriend". Earl H. Kraemer, Jr., nodded. "Fine, but no one's found the shark". Soren shook his head. "Kan du hjälpa oss, Earl. Vi på patrull hela natten​". Earl gazed at him. "What!", he yelled. "We can help each other", Soren said. And he smiled.

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