Shark Bay 4 A novel

When another Great White Shark terrorizes the town of Shark Bay, near New York, fisherman Ellison Grange, decides to prevent more attacks before it's too late.


5. Shark Bay-Part Four


The snow was terrible in Shark Bay.

Randal Shoal gazed at the Earl's Diner. He walked towards the front door, and went inside. Twenty locals were sitting down on grey seats. Randal, who was twenty, gazed at the waitress. He smiled, then he headed to the place where he could order food. Then he grinned, and ordered fish and chips...and a coffee.

Ethel Holt, the waitress, smiled at him.

"Late night, huh, Randal", she said. 

"Everyone's concerned about the shark. I mean it's not that huge". He took out a twenty dollar note. "It's eighty meters long", Ethel said. She took out the writing pad. She smiled at him. Randal stared at the Shark Bay Times​ newspaper. "Freaks of nature happen all of the time", Chad Harris, a sailor, said. He stared at the group of locals. Chad wiped at his mouth with a napkin. He smirked at Randal. The old sailor grinned. He had short, grey hair, blue eyes, and tall. He was wearing a red shirt, blue jeans, black socks, and black shoes on his feet. At fifty-seven years of age, he had been at sea since nineteen seventy-nine when his parents died in a helicopter crash. Randal watched the strong winds blow in a northerly direction. He finished eating. Then he stared out of the window, and waited for Chad to finish and they headed towards the pier, where they knew that the terror of the ocean awaited them.


Ellison watched the day drag on and on. 

He texted his wife.

"Amie. How are you? All of the shark business is causing us to manage the threat. I'll be home by six o'clock pm for dinner. See u later. Bye". And he pressed the SEND button, then headed down the path towards the old pier.


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