Shark Bay 4 A novel

When another Great White Shark terrorizes the town of Shark Bay, near New York, fisherman Ellison Grange, decides to prevent more attacks before it's too late.


18. Shark Bay-Part Eighteen


Ellison awoke from his sleep in the bedroom with Amie. 

His I-phone was ringing.

"Damn, it's 11:45 PM". He turned on the lamp. 

"Honey, what's wrong?", Amie asked him.

"Hello. This had better be good", he answered.

"The shark attacked more people, Ellison. And a Swedish hunting team are vowing to catch it", Charles Buzzard, the Police Chief, said.

 "And you want me to catch it in the snow?", he asked him.

"Tonight; just tonight", Charles answered.

"I'll get Alan. We'll catch it. And that's a promise. I'll see you in the marina. Good-bye!". And he flicked the lights on. Then he woke up Alan, and told him the bad news.


The sonar beeped once.

Soren stared out of the ocean. 

"Jag kan inte se något Sören. Det är för mörkt​", Claus said. He was irritated by the news that such a shark could be around for millennia. He noticed other fishermen were trawling for illegal abalone in their silvery nets that were on their ships...and boats. A tall African-American sailor who was captaining his own ship called ​The Freedom III​, smiled at them. "Hey, man! You're not from around Shark Bay?", he asked Soren. "No, I'm Soren...and my crew. We're Swedish sailors from Stockholm", he answered. "Right! It seems no one's seen the nasty beast, correct". Soren nodded. "We're here until dawn", Claus said in English. "I'm Robert F. Shore. My ancestors founded Shark Bay back in 1869. Back then the slaves would built ships and boats for the rich sailors until they died. My crew are the guardians of the sea". And he grinned. And attended to his other work.


Ellison rushed towards the marina. He, Amie, and Alan, saw nothing in the water...yet. "We're not too late", Ellison said. The snow didn't fall as the weather dropped to 47 degrees. "Look, over there!", he said. He spotted the Swedish ship glide towards Ellis Island. "Others are hunting the bloody shark", Amie sighed. And she noticed three large lamps that illuminated the marina, as it tolled Midnight.


"Mörkret är förlamande min uppfattning av den vidsträckta oceanen av Shark Bay​", Claus sighed. He wasn't going to feel the wrath of Soren. "Vi är tre kilometer från Ellis Island​. Stand by innan vi ser den varelse på ekolod och radar skärmar på våra jag-pad​". Soren waited. He then noticed Ellison and his crew. He felt his heart beat faster, then waited for the shark to arrive.


​The shark hovered near the darkened shore. Its blind eyes focused on the yelling; its sensors were attuned to the stresses of its environment. It knew that sleep was now a likely trait in its body; it pushed onward towards the marina. And, as it did so, it saw more ships waiting for it. 

​The time was 1:28 AM in the frosty morning.


"Det är någonstans nära kusten. Jag vet att jag är rätt​", Christine said. She glanced at Ellison. "Good morning. I'm the Shark Bay Marine Authority Head. My name is Ellison. And my wife, and Deputy Head. It seems that we're all after the same killer shark". Soren took over from Christine and Claus. "Good morning. I'm Soren. And my crew. We're hunting a sea creature that's worth a lot of euros". Ellison smiled. "You're Swedes". "Yes, we're here in America because we have a contract to kill it. It is eighty meters long, and has attacked several Americans. Var försiktig, eller annat du dör​". Amie spoke in Swedish. "Om du hotar oss, Department of Homeland Security kommer att tvinga dig i fängelse. Och alla tre som du kommer att do​", she said. Soren gasped. "How do you speak Swedish?", he asked her. "I majored in languages at New York University in college. I met my husband there before we arrived at Shark Bay", she answered him. "Vi vill bara en sak. Att fånga haj​", Soren said. And he smiled, "....En vapenvila. Sedan har vi alla kan sova i morgon​". And Amie nodded. She waved at her husband, and Alan, then headed away from the Swedish ship.


The water was deep.

Ellison watched as the terror that had cursed him, had come back to scare him. He looked at the Lighthouse. A chill seeped into his young bones. "It's here, darling", Amie said. "Is it! Or am we're on a wild goose chase". She smiled. "It will be killed. One day. Let's go to sleep; let's...", Amie said. Suddenly they saw the shark. "It's...", Alan said. But it was too late. Its massive mouth opened, and chomped with its sharp teeth into his right leg. Blood spilled everywhere, as Alan screamed until he died.

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