Shark Bay 4 A novel

When another Great White Shark terrorizes the town of Shark Bay, near New York, fisherman Ellison Grange, decides to prevent more attacks before it's too late.


9. Shark Bay-Part Eight


Don finished eating.

"I thought you were with Thomas Markham", he said.

"We headed towards doom once he became famous as a soap star on ​Twice in a Day​". Denise shook her head.

"Really. That's bad. There's a 7:00 PM ferry to Ellis Island".

"I'd like to go", Denise said.

And he grinned.


Soren Gunning shook his head.

"Claus, vad är det?​", he asked him.

"Det finns ett problem med Internet på min jag-pad", Claus answered him. He glanced at the ships that were moored in the marina.

"Fix it. Denna expedition i usa kostar oss tre miljoner euro​", Soren said in anger. He knew the Swedish forefathers were the first to see Shark Bay back in the eighteenth century. They were the early migrants of America. Soren, who had short, blonde hair, waited patiently. As the weather cleared up by seven o'clock PM, Claus felt relieved. "Jag-pad's Internet är fritt från virus​", Claus said. He was two years older than Soren. Both of them graduated from Sweden's Technology University in Stockholm in the nineteen-nineties. After the fear of the 2000 bug crisis, Soren raised funds to have sea adventures with Claus over the last decade or so, that led to going to studying in Mobile, Alabama from 2007 to 2016. Soren had a E-mail from Christine Daye, his girlfriend. "Soren, jag vill gå med ditt team. Usa låter otrolig​", she wrote. Yes, America was many things. He wrote: "Det finns en storm, Christine. Jag kommer att plocka upp dig på flygplatsen. Kärlek, Sören​". And he pressed the SEND button, and waited for her to come to Ellis Island where he would pick her up, and take her to Shark Bay.

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