My summer romance.

After a long school year of bullying, Violet visits her grandparents for the summer, only to be bullied once more. Only this time it hurts more, because shes in love with her bully.


1. The calm before the storm.

“I mean he’s all right, I guess” I made a funny face at Juliet, not wanting to be here. 

“Juls I’m only here for a month, I’m not interested in spending it chasing after guys”

“Oh come on, every girl dreams of a summer romance! Lighten up, it’s not like I’m asking you to marry the guy”  knowing Juliet if I found any of these guys attractive, she’ll be planning our wedding instantly.


I didn’t really want to be here. I mean it’s great and all, get to see my grand parents but I just don’t feel like myself anymore.


“What about him?” I took a glance at the guy my cousin was pointing at. “Yeah I guess” I scanned the picture once more. There were five guys, one instantly caught my eye; he had muddy brown hair, long at the top but sides shaven, his fringe was slightly curling into his eyes. He had a smirk on his face, which hade him look proud. “Who’s the guy next to him?” I asked my cousin, hoping she doesn’t get too out of control. 

She looked at who I pointed at and laughed “no violet, don’t go there, if you want a fun summer, don’t go there” this intrigued me. There was something about him, I wanted to get to know him. 

Juliet noticed me thinking and sighed “his name is Dacton, he’s 18. He’s on the football team.” She shook her head.

“Don’t worry Juliet, as I said I’m here for a relaxing summer, I just though he was cute that’s all.” She gave me a mocking smile, almost as if she didn’t believe me.

“Ok. Whatever you say” 

“Hey I’m gonna kick, I want to settle down a bit, I’ll give ya a shout tomorrow evening” I grabbed my stuff and shoved them in my pocked.



I’m staying at my grandparents for the summer, in a small village near Manchester, basically in the middle of nowhere. The village had 8 old looking tall flats, they were made of stone. The walk back from Juliet’s only took about 5 minutes, her flat is opposite my nans, sometimes we talk to each other on the balcony because we’re so close. 

I’m only here for a month, my mum though it would be good to get away from everything for a while. I’m kinda glad i did, it’s nice and quiet here. 

As soon as I walked into the flat I noticed my grandparents are out, probably at work, they both work night shifts , same company. They’re security guards.


“I made dinner” My brother Michael shouted from the kitchen. “Thanks Mikey, I’ll be there in 2.”

I walked into my room and dumped the inside of my pockets onto the bed. 

Me and Mikey basically have the place to ourselves, nan and grandad aren’t usually home. 


The door to my room opened, revealing my 6ft brother, “hey im heading out, you gon be good on your own for a bit?”

“Yeah” I nod.

“Ok see ya” I heard the door slam.

I just sat on the bed, looked around for a bit. I grew up here. My mum had me at 16 and couldn’t look after me, so my grandparents did. This used to me my room. It changed a lot since I was little.

With a sigh, I stood up and headed for the kitchen, wondering what Michael made for dinner. 


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