My summer romance.

After a long school year of bullying, Violet visits her grandparents for the summer, only to be bullied once more. Only this time it hurts more, because shes in love with her bully.


5. New places come with new faces.

I woke up early the next morning. I wanted to look good. 

I stripped off all my clothing and looked at myself into the mirror, thick pink lines coated my thighs and wrists. I looked away as I felt the need to do, something. 

With a shaky hand I piped into the shower and got on with my morning routine.

After my shower I blow dryer my hair a straitened it. My hair is naturally curly, but I like to wear it strait. 

I don't usually put on makeup, but I decided to make an effort this morning.

My whole routine took me about 30 minutes, I put on some foundation, bronzer and highlight. I then moved onto my brows. Slightly going over my already thick eyebrows, just to give them some shape. For my eyes I wanted something natural, so I stuck with a light brown crease, and white over my lids. I did a small cat eye over my eyeshadow, then applied mascara. 

I looked at myself in the mirror, and was kinda satisfied with what I saw. 

I put on some fishnets under my black shorts, and a purple tank top that used to be a band tee but I cut it, and the design washed away over time. 

"You look nice violet, is someone trying to get laid" Mikey walk up to me wiggling his eyebrows and laughing. I blushed.

"Um no" it came out more as a question than intended.

"Are you sure mush" I rolled my eyes at him. 

"I'm going out, don't know when I'll be back" I said as I put on my combat boots.

"Stay safe vi" 

"Always" I said as I closed the front door behind me.

I ran down the apartment complex stairs, and lit a cigarette when outside. 

I gave Juliet a call. "Hey hey" I sang. Feeling good.

"Come to the football field, you can meet the gang" she hung up.

I slowly made my walk to the football field, it wasn't a long walk at all, I could see it from the window from the apartment. It took all of 2 minutes to walk down there, but I took it slow, knowing full well I can't smoking on the field. 

As I got to the gate I heard Juliet yelling my name. 

"Gimme a second" I say as I have the final few tokes of my fag. As I finish it, I throw the butt on the ground and step on it. 

As I walk in I see a few people sitting with Juliet. 

I first notice the two twins, both have flaming red hair, and fair pale skin. One was wearing a white sundress, and the other shorts and a plain white t shirt. 

Then there was a short skinny goth girl. She had pitch black hair, heavy black makeup and red lips. She looked a-bit like a doll. I suddenly started feeling insecure about my own looks. 

As I get closer to the girls I notice Dacton and his mates playing football - do these guys not do anything else? I thought. 

"Haaaai. Ok so this is Danni" she points to the twin with the white sundress. "And this is Elle" she points to the other one. "Hey" they both say synchronised. I nodded and smiled. "This is Anna. But we call her gothica" everyone laughs.

"Call me that again. You die" Anna laughed as she jokingly pushed my cousin. 

"I'm violet" I say to the girls.

"Juliet told us all about you" Anna giggled.

"And don't worry we'll keep our hands off of your guy" Danni winked, and they all giggled. I started to feel my face heat up. 

We sat down in the corner of the football field, the only corner with shade. 

Juliet got a notebook out of her bag.

"Ok" she said as she opened it to the back pages "party planning"

"What party" I quizzed.

"We're throwing a summer party at the town hall, we have it every year. We organise it, and set up early." Elle explained.

"It's not so much planning no more, the party's on Saturday, we just need to know who's doing what to set up." Anna explained.

"Well Danni And Elle are on food committee, Anna you can sort music and any entertainment, Violet you can be in charge of balloons. We need a lot." Juliet said as she noted all of this up. 

I noticed Dacton and the guys coming over, so I took this as my que to leave.

"I'm gonna go grab a drink, I'll catch you later" they all nodded.

As I was about to walk out Dacton grabbed my arm, and I felt butterflies erupt in my stomach, I wonder if he felt the same. Probably not. 

"Hey you stopped messaging me last night" he said mockingly.

"That wasn't me, that was Hannah. Plus you didn't even reply so" I yanked my arm back and was about to walk away when he stood in my way.

"Well maybe we can have a proper conversation later tonight" He whispered like he didn't want anyone to hear.

"I'm sorry I thought I was too fat" I suddenly became very angry. 

"Oh come on Violet it's just banter"

I nodded and walked away.

"Is that a yes?" He shouted after me.

"Maybe" I laughed back.

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