My summer romance.

After a long school year of bullying, Violet visits her grandparents for the summer, only to be bullied once more. Only this time it hurts more, because shes in love with her bully.


3. Meeting him.

“Viiiiiiolet” Juliet sung my name, mockingly. I looked up from my book to see Dacton, giving us a giant smile.

“Prince Charming is coming over” She winked.

I started to panic, did she say something to him? What do I say to him? 

“Hey jules, whos your friend?” He winks at me. My heart flutters. “I’ve never seen you before” 

“I’m visiting my grandparents for the summer, I’m Juliet’s cousin” I stretch my hand out to introduce myself “my names violet” I smile. He takes my hand and shakes it, with a firm grip.  My heart speeds up as soon as he smiles again. 

“Well I hope you enjoy watching me play” he winks and hogs back to his friends, and they all start laughing. This made me feel awful. Where they laughing at me?

“Just ignore them vi, they’re pigs” Juliet spits and goes back to her phone. 

I watched Dacton run around the pitch, we was wearing loose blue shorts, and a tight fitting tanker, his muscles poking threw. He looked like a snack. 

He turned around a looked at me, and once again all his mates laughed, including him. I looked back down onto my book, tears stinging my eyes.

“Hey Hannah” Juliet runs over to a scared looking girl, she looked a bit young. She had long hair that went down to her but, even with it being up in a pony tail. 

She hugs her and drags her over to me. “Hey violet, this is Hannah our cousin” Hannah smiles at me “I’ve met you before, my nan lives by the lake, we used to catch frogs when we were little” 

“Omg Hannah” I laugh and hug her, remembering her.



The guys had left the pitch and Juliet went home for dinner. Me and Hannah took this time to get to know each other again, we were walking around the pitch in circles.

“So how come you’re spending your whole summer here?” She asked me. I took a deep breath.

“I was bullied quite bad at school, wasn’t a great year, so my mum decided that I should spend some time here, to you know relax and stuff I guess. Michael came with me to make sure I’m ok he says. I know that he’s just making sure I don’t do something stupid” I laugh

“Awh I’m sorry violet some people can be so cruel. I’m here for the whole summer too. I haven’t seen my nan in about 2 years. So I though hey why not see her all summer” I nodded at her.

I heard a bunch of guys laughing and say Dacton and his mates enter the pitch. “ oh no” Hannah looked at me quizzingly. “That guy, he keeps laughing at me” 

“What the snack?” I laughed at her and nodded. “Don’t worry about them, small town guys, what do they know” she replied.

“Hey violet is it, do you wanna play ball with us?” His mates sniggered in the back.

I wasn’t up for it, no way am I going to do anything with them, Hannah however agreed, and I couldn’t leave her. 

We played for a bit, it was alright until Dacton started kicking the ball out of the pitch and asking me to run after it. Stupid me, still thinking I had a chance, complied.

When I retired to the pitch I hear them laughing, I managed to hear words like fat and cow and it didn’t take long to realise they though it was funny to make me run around the pitch because they though I was fat.

I threw the football at Dacton and stormed away, hearing Hannah scalding them for making fun of me. 

I never though of myself as fat, I’m 5”2 and weight 90lbs, I get told I’m quite skinny, but hearing it from Dacton, I guess I did let myself go a bit. 

“Don’t listen to him, he’s just showing off in front of his mates” Hannah caught up with me. 

I sat down on a bench behind the flats and cried. “Why are they being like this, I haven’t done anything to them” 

“I don’t know” she said as she rubbed my back. “It’ll be alright. Don’t let them ruin your summer.” I smiled.

“Thanks Hannah” she smiled back at me.

“How about a sleepover? Well do each others makeup and hair. Take some cute pictures. Make him regret making fun of you.” She suddenly got very giddy. 

“That sounds nice” I laughed.

“Your house though, cuz your grandparents are at work all night”


We grabbed our stuff and headed for Hannah’s house for an overnight bag.




“Hannah please don’t” I begged her not to add Dacton on Facebook”

She laughed an evil laugh and pressed the friend request button.

As soon as she pressed we heard a bing and a notification pop up “omg he accepted” She sing.

She clicked on his profile, scrolled threw some pictures, then clicked on the message option. “No Hannah please” I begged her, but she grabbed my laptop and run off with it. 

“He read it” ugh “what did you say” I grabbed the laptop and read the message out loud “hey hey ;)” ugh did she have to put the winky face, I though. “ oooh he read it” 

“Kill me now” 

10 minutes went past and still no reply.

“Imma message him again” Hannah exclaimed “maybe he forgot to press send”. I rolled my eyes “or not”

“Wanna play ball tomorrow? And hang out?” She read aloud.

Once again no reply. 

“I don’t understand why you’re so upset over him violet, he’s just some idiot” she looked at my face “omg you like him” she yelled, and covered her mouth in shock. 

“No I don’t” I lied. Not very well either.

“Yes you do” she screamed.

“What’s all this screaming” a tired Micheal came into the room.

“Violet has a crush” Hannah taunted me.

“Is it that football guy” he asked.


“Knew it” 

We spend the rest of the evening planning how to get Dacton to like me, without my consent. We tried on outfits and practised our makeup. 

By the time we fell asleep we had a whole plan planned out. I didn’t want to admit that I liked him, but secretly, I hoped the plan works out.

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