My summer romance.

After a long school year of bullying, Violet visits her grandparents for the summer, only to be bullied once more. Only this time it hurts more, because shes in love with her bully.


2. day out

I woke up to the sound of Michaels awful music blaring the flat. Well I guess nan and grandad are out.

“Turn that bloody noice off. I’m trying to sleep!” I storm into his room to find him packing a bag “where you going?”

“You mean we” 


“You mean where are we going” 

“Oh sorry, where are we going” I rolled my eyes at him.

“Beach. Hurry” 

“Turn your music down” with that I walked back into my room and started to pack for our day out.



I was sat on a cliff overlooking the sea. The drive to the beach was only half an hour. We spend the day swimming, splashing each other and enjoying the sun. 

The sun was starting to set, me and Mikey were sat down, resting, eating ice cream. I had cookie dough, which is my favourite, Mikey had vanilla.

“Violet you can’t be sad forever” He looks at me and takes my hand. I leaned in and poped my head on his shoulder. 

“I know” He traces the scars on my arms “things will be better vi”

“I know” I repeated myself. Not wanting to talk anymore.

“I just hate myself so much Mikey” I could feel my eyes staring to sting. I sat up and took a mouthful of my ice cream, hoping the brain freeze will stop me from tearing up. 

“You’ll be ok. You have to be. Your my favourite sister.” We both laughed.

“I’m your only sister” 

Michael go up, and stretched his hand out to help me get up “let’s get going home. It’s getting late.” I nodded and stood up.



“I go craaaaaazy, craaazyy, craaazzyyy for you baby” me and Mikey sang along to Aerosmith, our favourite band for road trips, not that a 30 minute drive counts as a road trip, it was still a good playlist.

I had my legs hanging out the window of the car, while smoking my fag.

I was wearing black, denim slightly distressed shorts with a white corset top, and my favourite combat boots to make up the outfit, My badly dyed green hair was straitened. 

We arrived into our village, while driving past the football pitch, I saw a few boys playing a match. They looked familiar as Juliet made me stalk a bunch of them on Facebook, but a certain brown haired boy caught my eye. “Dacton” I whispered.

“What?” Michael laughed.

“I didn’t even say anything” 

He was beautiful. I just had to know him.

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