Widow's Walk

The sea is a cruel mistress. Written for the Valentine's Day Competition, Prompt #1.


1. Widow's Walk

I watched her break him
Take him from me
(And what she takes, she keeps),
Leeward and listing
Heeling in Hell’s Reach
Crushed by her embrace
Wine dark, sky deep.


Sunken pearls and sea glass
Spreading lace upon the beach
Such trinkets did she scatter
Dancing brightly, carelessly,
But in her rippling gown
A secret stain
Wine dark, sky deep.


Damn the moon and drown the stars
Plot no Azimuth for me
I’ll bar the doors with his pine boards
To stop her ceaseless whispering!
This watch is cold
This ache I hold
Wine dark, sky deep
Wine dark, sky deep.

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