A Bloody Infatuation (Pennywise/Reader facfic)

You recently moved to Derry to get away from the troubles of your life. When suddenly you meet a clown and your world completely gets turned upside down.


1. Meeting Pennywise

You were going to the store to pick up your usual groceries from the convenience store. You had recently moved to Derry to get away from your troubles in your previous location. You felt out of place where you used to live. Derry seemed like a good place to unwind. You had heard of the missing children epidemic, but you were an adult, so you didn’t see why whoever, or whatever was doing this would come after you.

Walking to the store who held your bag under your arm carrying your wallet and other items. What you didn’t realize was that your bag was open slightly, and so, one of your things tumbled out. It was merely a piece of your bubble gum, so it wasn’t that important, but you were still concerned about the rest of your stuff falling out of your bag.

“Oh shit…”

You ran over after your gum just as it fell down into the gap in the sidewalk that led to the sewer. You watched it rolled in and down into the sewer. You sighed and turned to continue walking; you didn’t care about your gum that much, you could always buy more at the store. You took a few steps forward and then

“You dropped something…”

You turned around, but saw no one.

“Down here.”

Your eyes fell down to the sewer. What could possibly be down there except filth? You walked over, and sat down on your knees in front of the opening in the sidewalk. Suddenly, a painted face showed itself. It was-- a clown. What was a clown doing in the sewer? You were a little freaked out, but not scared.

“Hello, you seemed to have dropped your candy. Do you want it back?”

Asked the clown. He had orange hair that stood up on its own, swooshed back ever so slightly. He wore a stained white costume with red pom-poms. You actually liked clowns, they were always fun when you were a child. Still, you were sceptical about a clown in the sewer…

“Uhm, you can keep it…”

You sort of refrained looking at the clown, it made you a little uneasy, but not scared.

“Awe, come on, a nice face like yours deserves some candy. Here, take it.”

The clown said, giving you a toothy grin. He looked to be drooling a bit, he must be hungry.

“Uh no, I have plenty more in my bag. Why don’t you uh, keep it, as a gift.”

You finally looked at the clown and awkwardly smiled back at him. He was quite dirty and looked like he hadn’t seen the light of day for some time. How long had he been in there?


The clown paused.

“Okay, thank you. I do like receiving gifts. Say, what’s you’re name? A pretty face needs a name to match it.”

You smiled a little bit more at the compliment. Despite this clown being, quite strange, he seemed to like you. Though mostly, he seemed to want something.

“My name is ****, its nice to meet you.”

You told him, giving him a genuine grin this time.

“Well, it’s very nice to meet you ****. I am Pennywise the dancing clown. Say, would you like a balloon? Here, reach out and take it.”

Pennywise held up a red balloon. You wondered why he really seemed to want you to put your hand down in the sewer.

“Uh, thank you but, I don’t know…”

You looked back to see if there was anyone around you. It would be very odd to see someone talking into a sewer. Looking back the clown was still giving you that hungry look. Pennywise then said,

“Awe come on, we’re friends, aren’t we? Friends give each other gifts. You gave me the candy, and I give you the balloon. Seems fair, doesn’t it?”

You swallowed hard and thought about it for a second, and then thought to just go along with it. What harm could it do. right? So you took your hand and reached down to take the balloon, and then, Pennywise grabbed your arm and pulled it down into the sewer with him. Huge, sharp teeth grew out of his mouth and he reached out to devour your arm but then, he smelt your skin and paused. You were pretty freaked out by what you saw, but it took a lot to scare you, and since you rather enjoyed clowns, even the scary ones, you were mostly surprised if anything.

“No good.”

Said Pennywise, looking disappointed. His tight grip loosened on your wrist and he calmed down a little. But again, Pennywise took another smell of your hand and paused again. He looked at your hand and then calmly handed it back to you. He had a weird look on his face. It was a hit of confusion, and the rest of it was more of a pondering look. Next, he took the balloon and this time, held it out to you.

“Well, here’s your balloon…”

You hesitated, but took the balloon from his grasp into your own.

“Uhm, thanks. It’s red, I like it.”

You smiled at Pennywise, liking the “gift” he had given you. Also you were smiling because you didn’t just lose your hand like you had thought.

Pennywise looked away with sort of a stubborn expression. He looked defeated, but still thinking. Just, thinking. He then looked up at you with a different expression, this one was more indifferent, but not angry or upset. He then told you,

“You’re welcome, ****. I’m happy you like it.”

Then in the blink of an eye, the clown was gone. Nowhere to be found. You looked into the sewer to try to find him, but he was strangely gone. You slowly stood back up, with the balloon in your hand. What had just happened? You thought. It was such a strange, unheard of thing to happen. And why did it happen to you? Still, for some reason, you were happy it happened. You stood there, and held the balloon in your hand with a smile.

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