A Bloody Infatuation (Pennywise/Reader facfic)

You recently moved to Derry to get away from the troubles of your life. When suddenly you meet a clown and your world completely gets turned upside down.


2. A Way With Affection

With the balloon tied around your wrist you went on with your day. Gathering your groceries for the week, then going home and doing your nightly routines such as brushing your teeth and putting on our pajamas. You kept the balloon on your wrist for the remainder of the day, somehow, you just couldn't get rid of it.

You thought about your encounter with that strange clown and wondered how you felt about it. What was he doing in the sewer? How long had he been down there? Why didn't he bite your arm off? It had looked like he had played the “reach out and take it” and then bite your arm off scheme a billion times. Yet, why didn't that happen to you? It was so baffling.

    Pennywise seemed to really like you. It was very weird considering whatever he was. He didn't look to be like anything you had ever seen outside of a fictional story. He would probably be a good clown, if he wasn't so dirty from the sewer, or as “frightening” most would find him. Clown lovers, like yourself, would probably love him regardless of those things. You really weren't phased by the gross or frightening aspects of whatever Pennywise was. He was… kind of cute. Yeah, a cute clown. You smiled thinking of him.

With a sweep of your covers you settled into bed. You had nothing to do tomorrow since you hadn't found a job yet. Tomorrow you would probably just explore Derry and see what you could find. You turned to the lamp on your nightstand and switched it off. You settled into bed and closed your eyes. You took a deep breath in through your nose to calm down and--- what was that smell?

You opened your eyes and looked around. Something smells terrible. Like how you would imagine roadkill would smell if you got close enough. You sat up and could hear big feet walking around outside your room. Whatever it was couldn't have been a normal person, since the feet sounded so big. Maybe you were just imagining things. Still, your curiosity peaked, and you got up to go find out whatever was in your house.

You get up and out of bed, and go into the bathroom. You walk in and see what looked like dirty footprints. Who could have made those? Suddenly, you hear the door slams shut!

Big hands come out from behind and grab you. They squeeze you tight, so much you can't breathe. You let out a gang as whatever it was that had you was pressing down hard on your stomach. You smell the air, it was the smell from earlier from your bedroom. It was a terrible, putrid odor and it was coming from whatever was behind you. All of a sudden you are turned around and an even worse taste was brought to your mouth. You were kissed by a gross pair of lips that were covered in red makeup. A slimy, long tongue was forced down your throat.

You grabbed onto what had their hands on you and felt a stained fabric. A clown’s outfit… all that could come to your mind was… Pennywise. It was him, the one that was practically crushing you with his long arms.

As you were enduring what wasn't really anything close to a “kiss” you struggled to breath through your nose. You tried to pull away but he wouldn't let you. Your heart was racing and you didn't know what to do besides sit there a take it, which was all you could do. Just as you were at your limit he dragged his long tongue from your throat and spun you around and pushed you to the floor face first, landing in a dull thud. You groaned in pain as he pounced on top of you. Your pajama bottoms were pulled violently from your body. You clenched your teeth, not knowing what do you. Part of you wanted to get away but a bigger part of you wanted to lay there and take it like a dead corpse on the ground.

Your legs were propped open and without any warning something thick and rough was forced inside you. You cried out in pain.

“It hurts!!”

Pennywise grabbed your hips and started plowing into you further and further. Wham! Wham! Wham! You were hitting the floor over and over. You could feel your body being practically ripped in two as you were being thrusted on the floor of your bathroom.

You reached out and grabbed onto the edge of your bathtub and tried to endure the pain flowing through you. You had thought of Pennywise fondly before this had happened, so that kept you from being scared. What was awful was the smell. Rotting flesh and the smells of the sewer filled the room and made you want to vomit.

Drool started puddling on your back, gross, warm drool. Pennywise was grunting with each thrust into you. His mouth hung open with his long gross tongue hanging out and dripping with drool. He was very much enjoying this. You wondered why he would do such a thing to you. He was so nice to you before.

You feel gloved hands grasp around your neck and begin to choke you. You gasp for air but get none. Hot tears run down your face and you feel something hot inside your body as Pennywise slowly began to stop moving. Just as he did, your eyes fluttered shut and everything faded to black.

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