Counting Ravens in a Dream

Lost love with a twist on the old counting crows rhymes. A Movella's Valentine's Day Competition entry incorporating Prompt #1.


1. Counting Ravens in a Dream

Counting ravens in a dream
Begin in sorrow, end in secrets
Each piercing cry, a memory
A moment, vanished.


Stare at something long enough and it will vanish...


The all-at-once green,
The blossoms in the trees
Fragile petals torn from branches
Whirl away, away, releasing
Once upon a time, the scent of never was, will never be

A wishing distance, here and gone again.


Counting ravens in a dream,
Why must ravens keep so many secrets?
Time should stop at six—
After Hell, what's left?

My arms are heavy with your ghosts
They slip beneath my skin

Folding, creasing like origami
Unrelenting, brittle as a scream.

My arms are heavy, oh so heavy
Don't leave me counting ravens in a dream.

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