Ninjago Life

A young girl named Zaria joins the world ninjago. She is very young. She will get to meet all the ninja.Kai, Cole, Jay,Nya,Lloyd, and more join her adventure.


11. Sad news....Then good news!

Zaria: Zane... if you can hear me.. blink.

Cole: Hey z, I think we should leave Zane alone for now...

Zaria: no... I won’t leave... never...

Cole: *drags Zaria by the hand* Come on...


3 Days Later 


Kai: So... Zaria.. how are you?

Zaria: *stares at Kai with silence* Fine.

Kai: geez so mad... Is this about Zane?

Zaria: *smacks Kai * Don’t Mention his name!

Kai: ouch!

Sensei Wu: ok students. We will do something different today. We have a new member of the team.

Zaria: whooohoo!

Sensei Wu: I appreciate your spirit Zaria but you guys get to name him!

Zaria: wait, it is a boy?

Kai: yes stupid.

Zaria: Kai, do want me to slap you again?

Kai: dang, you have grown to be mean!

Sensei Wu: well here you go! *gives Zaria the baby*

Zaria: awww....*kawai face*

Kai: welp.. I thought she turned mean....

Zaria: well obviously you are wrong!😋

Kai: ugggghhhhhh

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