Ninjago Life

A young girl named Zaria joins the world ninjago. She is very young. She will get to meet all the ninja.Kai, Cole, Jay,Nya,Lloyd, and more join her adventure.


15. Older member

Levi: good morning what am I doing here?


Levi: hey, why are you yelling?

Kai: welp, I um... can’t belive the uhhhh.. shadows did that to the baby!

Jay: ohhhh Kai you idiot!

Lloyd: so the baby apparently got hit with the same potion I got hit with.

Kai: I guess.....

Zaria: I am going to tell Sensei Wu!

Cole: oh no you don’t! *grabs Zaria’s hand*

Zaria: let me go! 

Lloyd: so what are we going to do with him?

Levi: what is all the talk about a baby?

Zaria: well, the shadows threw a potion at you and turned you older!

Levi: so I missed my whole childhood?

Everyone: ...............

Sensei Wu: What is going on in here? Levi?!!?

Levi: sup.

Zaria: apparently, *glares at kai* the shadows came back and Kai knocked a potion into Levi causing him to grow older.

Sensei Wu: well, let’s start your training and get you a ninja suit.

Levi: sure let’s go.

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