Ninjago Life

A young girl named Zaria joins the world ninjago. She is very young. She will get to meet all the ninja.Kai, Cole, Jay,Nya,Lloyd, and more join her adventure.


3. Introduction to everyone!

Zaria: Hi nice to meet you I am Zaria!

Zane: Hi I am Zane. I am a robot. Let’s be friends.

Zaria: sure! *shakes hands with Zane*

Zaria: hello nice to meet you!

Kai: uhhhh...ummmm... hey?

Zaria: sorry to interrupt your training, but I am the new ninja and I wanted to introduce myself.

Kai: yeah..heheh... we are cool.

Zaria: hi nice to meet you I am Zaria!

Cole: sup.*turns around* wait. Woah.

Zaria: is there a problem?

Cole: no nothing, are you the new ninja?

Zaria: yeah, girl I know...

Cole: See yah around!

Zaria: hi nice to meet you!

Lloyd: You must be the new ninja. I am the....

Zaria: GREEN NINJA??!!!!

Lloyd: yeah...

Zaria:  SQUEEEEEEEE! *Hugs Lloyd*

Cole: did you guys hear screaming?

Everyone: nope. *continues training*

Lloyd: *blushes* are you done?

Zaria: *wipes off clothes* yeah. Omg.. I am sooo sorry..

Lloyd: yeah it is fine.. it happens a lot... *blushes*

Zaria: well I got to take a look around town and this place, so I will see you later?

Lloyd: yeah totally.

Sensei Wu: Are you ready to see your ninja suit? 

Zaria: Totally!

*sensei Wu gives her a pink ninja outfit*

 Zaria: not my fav color, but it is still awesome!

Sensei Wu: now,we begin training tomorrow.

Zaria: yes sensei.





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