Ninjago Life

A young girl named Zaria joins the world ninjago. She is very young. She will get to meet all the ninja.Kai, Cole, Jay,Nya,Lloyd, and more join her adventure.


16. Becoming awesome

Kai:pick who you want to train with.

Levi:... how a bout,Zaria she’s still kinda new,right?

Kai:fair enough.

Jay:now this will just be a fist fight 3 2 1 Fight!

Zaria runs towards Levi throwing Punches and kicks 

Levi Doges the attacks 

Levi,not knowing what to do continues to doge until he trips only to find himself in defeat 

Kai:nice job.

Zaria: pretty good dodging there.

Levi: thanks even though I know nothing about martial art!

Kai:it’s getting late, let’s get some shuteye 

Lloyd:your right 

The walk to the rooms

Jay:where do you want to sleep

Levi he picks a bunk between Jay and Lloyd 

In the middle of the night while Levi is sleeping a shadow comes and slips into Levi’s ear

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