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1. The Radges of the Ridges part 4 by Irvin V Kingdom copyrights

Sammy. He’s in the assembly hall at school, it’s full of teachers and pupils, the headmaster is on the stage with a table in front of him,


Silence “” and listen, when I call out your name you will leave the hall and outside the hall is a teacher who will direct you to your classroom and that classroom is your form room for all your first term, he starts calling the names out 15 names later, Sammy Radge classroom 10 form 1D, Sammy starts to walk across the hall to the door, when his wellies start slapping noises, soon all the hall are in a fit of laughter, the headmaster just looks and shakes his head, “Silence “Silence “ that’s enough now let’s get on, as he walks out the hall a woman grabs him.

Wait I’m your form teacher Miss Richard she points up to a long corridor up there turn left and the first door on your left,

Sammy sets off making a slapping noise as he goes, he’s halfway up when he looks out of a window and he sees a quadrangle there’s a greenhouse in the corner and a big tree with a silver plac but something bright catches his eye next to the tree, scrap metal he thinks, he opens the quadrangle door and makes for the shining object, he starts pulling at it, it looks like silver he mutters to himself, he still pulling when a voice shouts “Hey” you what the hell you doing come here boy, Sammy gets to his feet and slowly walks over to this rather big teacher shaking his fists, he steps back and looks down at Sammy, what in God’s creation are you in all the years I’ve been a teacher I have never seen a site like you, Sammy looks up and wipes his nose with his sleeve, you are just disgusting, pull your jumper up as he pulls it up the teacher sees what he has for a belt it’s a tie, “Ha” I’ve seen it all know, you should be wearing your tie around your neck,

Me mam can’t afford a belt sir.

Well my name is Mr Forbes the history teacher and I honestly say there’s a lot of history about your clothes you look like Daffy Duck in the cartoons, Sammy looks down at his wellies and wipes his nose with his sleeve,

Know listen to me you little snot rag I don’t know what you were up to out there but I want you to report to me at home time come to my form it’s number 15 and I’ll give you a letter to give to your mother.

Part 5 later

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