Rewrite the Stars

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  • Published: 22 Jan 2018
  • Updated: 26 Jan 2018
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For thousands of years…there had been a prophecy spoken between villages and passed down from generation to generation.

I do not own any of the characters but the storyline is my original storyline.
The characters belong to ABC


5. Chapter Three

Chapter Three

The Alternate World

            Regina sits on her throne, today she’s chosen to wear a blue velvet dress with her hair in a big poof on her head. She wears a diamond necklace and she just stares sullenly off into space. She’s too tired to even ride. She’s sleep deprived. The nightmares came back last night. Of another world, another life. Of children in this house and a loving man waking her up each morning to kiss her. This time, Regina dreamt of their names and she even wrote the names in her book. She’s putting the pieces together but she can’t interpret her dreams quite yet.

My Dreams

Robin Hood

Zelena, my sister?

Henry Daniel, my son, was adopted…

Leia, Henry’s sister by his mother Emma

Rose, Robin’s daughter by my sister

Roland, my stepson, I raised him

Archer Mareigh, my daughter, my newborn

Emma, Henry’s birth mother, my friend

Snow, my stepdaughter

            Regina gets her journal from her room and reads the names over and over again. Every time she reads the names, she hopes for just a bit of more knowledge to better understand but she feels as if these names just make it worse.

            The names give her hope and sorrow because they symbolize something she’ll never be able to have. A life that she’s missed the opportunity to obtain, a happy ending that doesn’t exist anymore. All hope of a happy ending died when she lost her daughter all those years ago. Now she sits on her throne, ruling over many four kingdoms, with no heirs. Who will be queen or king when she dies?

            Regina gets up off her throne and gathers her black dress into her hands and leaves the throne room. She pushes open the stained-glass door and enters into her own personal courtyard. Regina stops and looks up at her apple tree. She reaches for one of the ripe fruits and says.

“You tree, have been through everything with me. You’re my only companion, the only thing that has continued to stay.” Regina picks a delicious fruit and tucks it into her pocket. She turns and then heads back inside, taking her secret passageway to her chambers.

            The queen puts her apple on her vanity and walks into her walk-in closet. She uses magic to sort through her dresses and finally finds the dress she’s been looking for. It’s the dress she’s worn every time something good happens to her the dress that brings her hope and luck. Regina pulls the dress off the hanger and uses magic to make it instantly appear on her figure.

            The dress is white, it has full-length sleeves and tassels on the front. Regina twirls around in it and then takes her hair down. She lets her hair hang loose and she removes the makeup from her face. The only accessory she wears is her necklace that has the tree of life as a pendant. Regina twirls around in the mirror one last time and then descends the stairs to the dining hall to enjoy a nice dinner all alone.

“Alone, again like I always am.”


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